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  • 2micro4u ·
    Do u still have the turbo kit.. ? And NItrious I'm interested in both just been trying to get my business running smoother so I can go all out with my smart
    BB Benz ·
    Looks like you've been having fun with your car!
    We took the BB out for Mellow mushroom pizza or maybe I should say the BB took us out for Pizza. Commandeered the requisite amount of attention in front of the place, as usual. Not too many sightings here as the closest dealer is 4 hours away. Do you work at a smart center? Just guessing! :)
    2micro4u ·
    @ can you shoot me some pics I know it must b nice. Btw let me know anyone hiring in the automotive industry because I'm thinking of moving to Cali somewhere not too far Smartmadness if possible or LA
    h20m0f0 ·
    Man,,,, You should see what Boris did to my car. S Man floor Mats, all carbo fiber interior, Brabus brake handle and shifter, New polished gas pedal,Brake pedal and foot rest. Clyde re-tuned my stereo... My car looks awesome inside......
    2micro4u ·
    The address to my dealership is 80 NorthCobb Parkway Marietta, Ga. 30062 ((NEXT DOOR TO MEGGAMAXX)

    Give me your number and I can call you.
    My cell is 404-397-9531

    Im 50/50 % sure I can go all I have to do is get confirmation on a few details regarding my Miami trip if that falls through then I will be on this Smart trip.
    Wdhitch ·

    That sounds great... Could you send me directions to the shop from 75 so I can send them out to the group? It total it would only be around 15 cars... Let me know.
    Smart990 ·
    I am interested in getting the same wheels you have but can't find any good pictures of them on a car in gunmetal. Could you email me a few good pics of your car so I could see them better, I would appreciate it? [email protected]
    KarenS ·
    I thought I already sent one, so if this is a repeat...blame the computer! HAHAHA

    I love the picture of your car...I read about your upcoming mod's...didn't quite understand them but I will be watching for your posts and will eagerly await to see!
    KarenS ·
    Great picture! I read your upcoming mod's....didn't understand them but will look forward to seeing them! :)
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