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  • ArthurRW ·
    How are you doing with all this snow? We decided not to go anywhere today, need to plan a trip with some local smart drivers, any ideas?
    gmasters ·
    was thinking it might be a good time to have another get together and the store for another GAS FILL UP at a rather good price, if I was doing it today maybe PREM for 3.85
    gmasters ·
    yes it was fixed after 6 weeks, could not fint the right grill, after the first on came in damaged. It looks like nothing was replaced, the planels that are new ( all the front panals) the two head lanps and running lights. seemd to look and match the color as before. Two days after I got it back I was driving to work at 5am again and saw another deer waiting for me but did not enter the raod....deer are pretty stupid
    broberts ·
    His name is Rick Moore. Has a shop on 247 close to the airport. Charged me $100.00 Did a great job! He also changes my oil and any other "routine" maintenance phone 478 788 4308. He has been "my machanic" for over 20 years! Good man!

    Ron F ·
    Regrettably I have to cancel out of the Hampton meet. Thanks for all your hard work setting this up.

    Ron F.
    rconde ·
    Hi Astuto,

    I work for Checkered Flag's Public Relations company and I write for the blog that's on Checkered Flag's website. I learned about the smart car meet this Friday from the folks at smart center Virginia Beach. Just wanted to touch base with you and see if I could get more information about the meet for a post. I'd appreciate a message back either here or at my email, [email protected]

    UK Roadster ·

    Don't worry, we will meet again. Originally I am from Surrey but since joining the Army I have no real fixed abode. I will see what date the August meet settles to and see if I can make it. I have nothing that prevents me from attending up until the last week of August and the first 2 of September.

    I will post on the thread once the date has been decided.

    bsnyder100 ·
    That sounds like a blast! Right now I cannot really give you the yes or no I would like to because I am not sure when I will be road tripping around looking at colleges. I will definitely come if that doesn't get in the way of things. How does your son like his new SMART!!!!! That is so awesome that both of you got one so early in the game! Please keep me and the rest of us at the Smart Center Virginia Beach informed on any events that you or anyone else is hosting. We love that you are so excited about your car, and remember we are always happy to go over any questions or concerns you may have. I will keep you informed about attending the event!
    F.Y.I. My cell is 757-575-9695 and my name is Ben Snyder. AWESOME MEETING YOU!
    teacher ·
    I have been thinking about it but we (wife and I) head for the river as early on Friday as we can. We have not made up our minds yet about anything.
    I teach at Bruton Hogh School in Williamsburg. I teach Physics and some kind of math ranging from AlgII to Math concepts. New principal coming this next year so I have no idea what math I will be teaching this time.
    Old SGM ·
    Bad timing for me, I leave Virginia on the 17th and return on the 25th. My son-in-law is a Blackhawk Pilot in the 10th Mountain Division and is deploying to Iraq, this is the only time we can see him before he goes. Please let me know of any future events, I would like to go, butmust pass this time.
    Old SGM ·
    I will do my best to be there, but at the moment I cannot solidly commit, where is it and exactly when?
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