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  • BB Benz ·
    I have had both rear wheels repaired twice now. Wheel tek of Memphis. The last time, they misjudged the color and painted them darker than they should be. I think he matched the inner color rather than the High Power Silver that matches the machined aluminum of the outer rim. Other than that, they do a pretty good job. I like the look of the Brabus rims, but am tempted to replace with wide 15's all around with Yokohama performance tires. I simply have to find a wheel I like. The Brabus wheel and tire combo is just to fragile, and rides so hard. Dr. Killer Bee has done the 15's/ Yokohama tires and likes the improved ride and handling. He is a professional performance driving trainer besides being a Veterinarian!
    Eunice007 ·
    Hi! I was going through this site and saw that you're in Memphis and drives a smart car Brabus. My husband ran into a pot hole yesterday and now the rear wheel rim (right side) is chipped and the tire, too, has a small chip on it. Are there any wheel and rim repair shops in Memphis or do we go to the Mercedes Benz in Collierville to replace the entire rim/wheel? What did you do when you saw that your rear rim was bent? Thanks!
    BB Benz ·
    Andy, I've been a little preoccupied what with the knife fight with the CV Surgeon. Hey, he had an unfair advantage. I was asleep at the time. :D
    When I awoke the next day, I was completely unaware that once I was done, I had a collapsed lung, requiring another hole and chest tube. I felt fine, feeling no pain, just lost a day. Worked for me.
    So front shoes are not that important right now. I won't be driving for at least two weeks. I don't understand it, but I really miss that little car. It looks neglected sitting there.
    I can't not ask. Is the bumper going on SHARP RED? :D
    amosd70 ·
    Well actually yes yes I have! How was surgery? I just last week I found one of the BMS polished stainless steel rear bumpers and I am working on a LED third brake light :) Turned out that madness had one of the bumpers left on the shelf so they made me a so so deal on it. Well it was about 150 less that I expected to pay for it. They still have one more in stock but it does not have mounting hardware. If Paul does not make them any more I guess I got the last of the last :) Ever get new shoes for yours?
    bumpa ·
    Hi BB Benz... thanks for the INVALUABLE info. I think I'll stay with a gas job replacement. Too many mods for the others. I'm not that mechanically inclined... but... I'm willing to learn.

    I'll go Googling in the next few days.

    Thanks again... great stuff!
    blow by u ·
    I have trouble posting pix here. Too old to keep screwing with it or too dumb. I can send you pix to your e mail. My e mail is [email protected] if you'd like to send it feel free and I'll send pix. I've also got a new Ice Shine with a shark fin from Fin Your Ride out in Cali and again pix do not post. they are all over my face book page. Holler if you still want to see the powder coated drums with the red sparkles in em. I also have an Add A Spare on the new one and the car's name is Great White Smart. Sorry I'm lacking in brains. Sometimes this site is frustrating on posting pix. Or it's me.
    ATL Smart alec ·
    Hi Rich, Sorry for the delay in my reply. I had two messages that I had not noticed, I don't spend much time on here since I got the job. Yes, I love my tires, 205/40R17 . Wait and see if I can clear them on the rear fenders if I lower the rear. I upgraded my transmission program, and really enjoy driving the car in drive A LOT better than stock ! I REALLY enjoy the hell out of this car ! What's new with you ?
    BB Benz ·
    My favorite cleaner is Zep Citrus Orange oil cleaner on a big sponge, and for the really tough specks of Brake dust I use Barkeeper's friend mixed with the above and a 3M scratchless scrubbing pad for dishes, Scotch Brite is a NO NO fer sho! About the only zone that isn't perfect is the area around the metal valve stem. I kept running my fingernails into it. OW!
    Oh, it is easiest to take the wheel off the car, get most done quickly, both sides and then put the wheel up on a towel on the tailgate at a comfortable height to work on. I popped the center "B" cap out and was able to polish up the edges with the Barkeeper's Friend.
    All I have to do now is polish the rear tires, and the rest of the car. I have some black wax from Turtle wax as my next wax job. We will see if it makes the panels look any blacker.
    MikeB1 ·
    Yeah, I should try those - I'm tired of cleaning my wheels, and I just bought a set of Brabus wheels from Bob in K.C. that really need cleaning. Have you ever tried Iron-X wheel cleaner? I've given the fronts two sessions with Sonax Full Effect and they still have deposits on them... I'm guessing they'll need one more scrubbing and then I'll use some kind of wheel wax on them before I mount them on the car. Anyway, good to hear from you, Rich!
    BB Benz ·
    I'm sorry to hear you lost your friend of 12 years. I KNOW you miss him. Our 12 yr. old Siamese died suddenly of Renal failure. We replaced her with twin sisters from the same litter. They had a hidden immune system disorder and died at age two, a month and a week apart. We have a new one that we have named Max, because he does everything to the max. I hope you can get a repleacement. They add so much to daily life.
    rawhidekid ·
    I had a 1/2 domestic cat, half Bob Cat. He got up too 20lbs, and I guess because of the Bob Cat my wife wasn't allergic to him. As a kitten he would go to the neighbors yard and sit just out of reach of their chained watch dog. When my wife would take a bath, he would swim to her chest then lay on her chest purring while she bathed. He thought she was his Mom, I was his scratching post up to my elbows. He would come bouncing up with back arched then grab my arm and start digging with his back claws. Teeth sunk in my wrist, I was sure glad when I got him trained to use scratching posts.
    rawhidekid ·
    Cats can be very interesting companions. I had a torte point Siamese before my wife became allergic to cats. She liked to jump from one corner of the waterbed to the other until she had good wave motion, them lie down in the middle of the bed and rock. Just thought you would like to know about the card. Have a great day.
    Willy ·
    Whoops... just remembered the expensive razor thread from last summer. Yup, that's me, but the beard is trimmed MUCH shorter these days. And also getting a bit white around the edges :-(
    Willy ·
    I'm keeping the Yaris for now. If I replace it, it won't be until sometime next summer. It is good enough to get me through the winter when we don't take many trips and it is used mostly for my commute to and from work. That gives me more time to save more money, too.

    I'm very curious - how do you know I look like your brother? I didn't think I had any pictures of myself here???

    ATL Smart alec ·
    Hi Rich !
    I have not noticed your posts recently. I hope all is well. I just put rear Brabus wheels all around today with 215/40/17 on the rear. Waiting for 5mm spacers to put the front tires on also. (Taller sidewall to help protect the rims, maybe soften the ride a pinch). I LOVE the look. I will email you some pics.
    ATL Smart alec ·
    Hey there !
    I am sorry for the delay, I just noticed your message today. I enjoyed meeting you also, and having you show me some Smart car secrets and trivia that would have taken me a while to find on my own. After the Dragon, I extended my trip to drive up to see my Dad. 5-6 days there.
    I came out to my Dad's new wife, (That was amusing, she will pray for me, LOL), I stopped off in Knoxville to see a Micro-car buddy, he has fully restored my first micro car, a 58 Goggomobil 400cc Coupe'. It is almost completed, he has it sold for $25,000. I plan to drive back to Knoxville somewhere around the 5th of October (actual date is in the air), when he has the car totally completed. I want to take photos of me with the car, shoot a small video etc. (I bought the car in 1985, and although it ran/drove, I never got around to restoring it). I sold it to him about 3 years ago. How far away are you guys from Knoxville ?
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