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  • illinibill ·
    Auto switch GONE. Manual installed and ready for first TOW next Monday. Have your checklist printed out. The moment of truth will be carefully tried next week .
    jandjcs ·
    Hello from Vermont,
    Looking for ways to tow the Smart behind our RV and saw your comment on ez dolly.
    Assume you are towing nose up.
    Do you really think your clutch problem is related?

    Thank you for any info.

    Sincerely, Josef

    [email protected]
    marypatsherman ·
    Would like your input re: flat towing 2008 Smart Car Passion. See my posted call for help. I'm currently in Portland in my RV - with an "Exploded clutch" they say was caused by towing while car was in PARK or RACING, neither of which I've done.
    fishlady ·
    Marty!!! Parade question. since you did the Mt Si application last year. What category did you finally put us under? I'm thinking, by looking at the app either "non-commercial" or "specialty entry (i.e. clowns)"
    I did print off the announcement that you created, made a few changes (cuz we won't have 3 pink smarts boo hoo) and will add that we took 2nd at Mt Si (by the way, where is the trophy??? haven't seen it pictured here yet...)Will think of more questions I'm sure. Any chance you and Terri would make it over here?? hmmmm ???? will be fun...

    hugs n fishes,

    Bob T ·
    Hi Marty?
    Yes we're so lucky here in The Great Pacific NW.
    I have alot of interest in the Parade. What I need to get a head count is a Certificate of liability from your auto insurer made out to the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerace and Industries. Have them FAX it to me at 360 733 3047. Thanks
    Look forward to meeting you
    Are you doing the Monroe to Levenworth Ralley?
    Bob T
    James ·
    Follow this link and you will be able to see the panoramic shots (1 up right now working on the other ones) and you will be able to down load the full 38mb photo (you won't believe how good it is till you download it)!!
    Karl Roth ·
    Don't let a little box interfere with the enjoyment of the car. Put the stick in D and enjoy the ride it takes a while for the shift program to oftimize itself and smooth out the shifts. You will see continuous improvement there. I calculate mpg every tankful knowing the guage what the mpg at any given second is kinda "who cares" just enjoy the drive
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