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  • roadrage1 ·
    Hi BigWarpGuy,
    Question for ya....Whats the going For Sale price of 4 Passion Rims/Tires/sensors with 800 miles on them??? Smart is finally done, post pics up when I return back to the states. Plan on being at Pocono get together if everything works out.
    howieg890 ·
    Hi Big,
    I'm the guy organizing the boy scout event on 5/1 in New York.
    Can you help out and bring your car that day? Do you know other smartcar owners who might be able to participate? My brother will be there with his car. Please call or email me and let me know your thoughts.
    Howard Gershman
    [email protected]
    BigWarpGuy ·
    It is really nice.

    I am glad you are enjoying the sermon notes. I have been recording the sermons and will try to upload them to the church website. I am the sound man at the church. I usually go to church in my Dads car. I some times take my car. :)
    forestacademy ·
    You NJ FOlks sould set up a meet on one of the boardwalks, If not Atlantic city them perhaps a place like wildwood would let you pull out onto the boardwalk, Contact the Tourisum folks, anything to promote there little towns on the beach.
    BigWarpGuy ·
    I thought it would be neat but I have only had my little car for a few months now. I do not want to risk damaging it. How familiar are you with changing bulbs in the Smart Car. I will read the manual to see what it takes to change it.
    [email protected] ·
    hey, im cliff, from the LED thread.

    are you still interested in being the test car?

    i was hoping to see if you are free today and maybe we can meet halfway and do some testing.

    i want to get it tested out so i can place a big order tomorrow with my supplier and get the vendor process rolling

    give me a call, 732-397-9038, my name is cliff, and east windsor is only about 30mins away from me :)

    let me know,
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