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  • drdimento ·
    Hi Bob. Dr Dimento here. We originally met over at back hen I had some Panny cams (all Canon's and GoPro now) Did you ever get a smartie? I finally got another. I originally had a 2008 red passion cabriolet and had to get rid of it because of the $178 a month payment when my wife had her serious fall out of our motorhome and became an invalid. she's nearly full recovery and we finally got straightened up financially with God's aweome help. and now have a yellow one again a 2008 :)
    drdimento ·
    hi bob, its drdimento from over at dvxuser and just wanted to say hi and that i too have a smartie with now close to 25,000 miles a 2008 :)
    John Dunham ·
    Have you received an email from smart USA on the closing of smart center Cerritos?
    I 've gotten all my service work done there, but took delivery from Beverly Hills so I probably won't get an email on Cerritos' closure.
    BobDiaz ·
    Thanks, the big thing I keep waiting for is the FARs data for 2009. It's coming, but seems to take forever before they post it. Oh well...

    Bob Diaz
    AnUnidentifiedMale ·
    Just wanted to say thanks for your analysis of death rates in small cars versus larger cars. I have a heavy SUV - in part out of fear - but your analysis helps convince me that I don't need it. :)
    BobDiaz ·
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I forget to look up to see if there are pending messages or not...

    At this point in time, no I don''t have a Smart Car. Not that I haven't been thinking about getting one. My wife has a Prius, my older son has a small pickup truck, why do I still drive my stupid 11 year old gas sucking mid sized SUV?

    For most people it's a simple thing; go down, buy car, but for me, NOTHING is ever simple. My wife HATES the Smart Car, she thinks they're ugly.

    Now, if my car died beyond fixing, I'd have a solid reason for getting a new car and the model I want... Unfortunately, after 11 years of operation, it runs very well without any problems. Given that the economy is still in the toilet and my job isn't safe, spending too much money is not a wise thing on my part...

    Maybe I should put a sign on my car, "Go ahead and hit me stupid, I want to get a new car!!!" ;-)

    Bob Diaz
    drdimento ·
    Hey Bob, It's Dr Dimento from the DVXuser group. When I seen your post I said, "no way!" So do you have a smartcar? I just got mine a week ago. I love it. I wished I had gotten one a year earlier but at the time I was battling the silly AVCHD thing and got lost in technical video detail . . . but alas, I got out of the AVCHD, learned how to get all the material in FCP decoded to something I can use in Avid and am working my way out of the mess. On the 2008 Passion Cabriolet I bought it with 3500 miles and picked up a 5yr 60k warranty.
    BobDiaz ·
    Your message showed up as,"Hi Bob; I think your video is brilliant. But" In general, whenever I see the word, "BUT" in that context, it means the next few words are a bombshell about to hit. (I'd insert a silly smile face here, but the message editor won't allow it, odd.)

    I got a kick out of your bell. It comes as such a surprise, which makes it so funny and cute.

    In editing the video, the cars driving out seemed a bit flat and not very interesting. After searching through my production music, when I hear the processional music, I knew that would give the ending the extra punch to make it entertaining. Given the classical music of the ending, I worked backward using a jazzed up version of the classical music for the other parts.

    There is another video on hold, pending the publication of the FARS Data for 2009. The video is going to promote the Smart as a safe car.

    The current video shows 40 plays from VIMEO and 89 plays on YouTube. Interestingly enough, one friend I told about the video really wants to see it. She's interested in the smart fortwo. I wonder if I could get a commission out of this.... ha ha ha.

    Thanks so much for your kind words,
    Best Wishes,

    Bob Diaz
    petenjan ·
    Hi Bob;
    I think your video is brilliant. But then I'm prejudiced - I'm the guy with the "*#?king" bell.
    SmartMadness should never have another get-together without having you as the unofficial keeper of record.
    Just love the graduation processional music at the end when the cars parade by - really great video.
    Best Regards
    Pete (of petenjan)
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