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  • BB Benz ·
    What? Geekgirl lives next door?! She sounds like fun trouble. Does she get along with your cats?
    I want to meet your cats some day, Geekgirl, too. We will have smart fun!
    Brabus007 ·
    In warranty with Reverse Problem: Free
    In warranty without a reverse Problem: $22.00 (mine)
    Out of warranty: $45.00 (try to negotiate that down, because its a flaw with the car... Your not the problem... If they give you trouble, call smart direct and ChewA$$...!!! You want it for FREE)...
    BB Benz ·
    You are trying to reach Baby Benz aka turbo42. I came up with Black Brabus Benz/ BB Benz before I was aware that Baby Benz already existed. I too am in awe of Turbo42 and his ground breaking engineering.
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