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  • michael-sf ·
    Hi Brian -- I'm looking for a parts car for my 2001 Pulse. Looks like yours is much fancier than I need. But... if you ever decide to let it go cheap, I'd be interested. I'm rarely logged in to SCOA, but you can reach me at travelinsider at .
    bchatt ·
    Brian,, I was wondering if you got your fuel tank repaired and what you had to do to fix it. My car has started leaking fuel just as you described yours. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Bryon
    mrmvolz ·
    Hey Brian, do you know if the after market OEM bike rack for 2009 will fit the 450? Sorry probably a dumb question but I know you would know! Hope Samantha is well!
    fishlady ·
    hi. am wondering if you know where I could get a new oil pan (with the bottom drain plug)? my mechanic is whining about having to pump out the oil every time. I have emailed GreenCar Company, Steven at Smartie Parts (canada) and Smart Madness. Any other places you can think of?

    BRM42 ·
    The Blue/Silver in front of you is BRM42's being driven by FigyrSk8r on the out leg. We switched for the return leg.
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