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  • vector ·
    arugh !!! had to write this thing 3-damn times because this dinosaur board is awful.. what is this 1997?
    ok, attempt 3...
    Hello Bruce001
    The local Tampa SMART scene was good and fun for a few years but died from [dealer neglect] and [in my opinion] the fact the SMART buyers, were not "car-nuts" and did not know how the "club". [the porches, vettes, S2000 minis, etc all still do stuff, but] SMART buyers aren't enthusiast in that way.... mostly. they attended 1-2 and dropped off. a few really active nut-cases organised GREAT events for a while, but when it was down to 3-4 participants it was demoralizing to put effort into schedule/planning [and paying for] activities that no one attends. The FB page tried to help for a while too... wider area including some really active ORL forks, but it died too, along with the [uncaring] MBof TampaBay [dealer] who stopped supporting the brand, several years ago.

    I had #5 of 8 [1st SMART 2008-year technically] imported to USA. delivery pre-dated the Tampa dealer delivered from ALT store. it was custom built for me [by accident really, because i selected a build sheet] then the early online ordering platform used that same idea, but dropped a few of the choices I HAD... example: my side/stripe was black, no silver in 2008. retail sold cars, that wasn't an option till... like 12? and black body color [as mine was] wasn't available till 2010, i think.. anyway... i did 146k and blew it up [only to discover at THAT point] the MercedesBenz\SMART of TampaBay was no longer a dealer [yet had lied to me and continued to take my service $$ [as if they were] for the prior 3 years... gee thanks for the inflated invoices guys. no wonder parts took forever !! ] I bought a used 2011 w 24k on it and restarting the cycle. LOL
    reach out to chat thb-hkr [at] Vectorvc-dot-com. enjoy your ride. I still wave at every SMART I pass, but that practice is long dead too. when these were new/ rare, they got a LOT of attention. [especially MY early days as the only one in the SE, then Florida, then TampaBay]... but now... this idiot systme won't let me post in the forum under your thread???
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