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  • CandDPlotz'Smart ·
    Good Evening Chumly, I have been trying to figure out how to get hold of you all. Have you considered coming to the 2018 All American Smart Car Rally. I have a FB group set up under that name, and have put other info on this website and will email you the itinerary and poster If you send me your email I will send you those documents. I also found out info about camping as close as possible, That info is posted on the FB group, The rally has no registration fee and everything is pay as you go. We would love to see you all again, and I think you will enjoy Alabama and the rally.

    Charlie and Diane Plotz
    mrbadexample ·
    hi chumly,
    i got hired today, start new job tomorrow, schedule is to be determined, so it may be a week or two to get down there, but i will buy your tires!
    JimRad ·
    Hi, I hope this is a PM, do you have picture of it? mostly around the flex pipe section.

    and I want to let you know, I have to explore getting my flex pipe fixed before going ahead on the higher costs of a replacement.

    Thank you
    ktonastya ·
    well, i'd rather have purple, but alas. I'd like to get it now, but it's not as if i don't have creditcard debt and a decent job. Of course, if I had a decent job, I'd lack the credit card debt and then I'd be buying the car this moment. so I'm hoping that after i graduate i can get a decent enough job to get one.
    chumly ·
    Yes,from down by Knoxville Tenn. about a year ago, had to fix them twice after hitting a rough spot in a parking lot both snapped off ,used some of that epoxy that Billy Mays was selling the 1st time I fixed it.I hit another bump on a rock road and the right one broke again. This time I used some superglue plus I drilled and countersunk two screws on both.So far ,so good.
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