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  • wrumbarger ·
    Greetings Cubefx.
    Been following your posts on scoa for a while.
    Really liked your clear engine cover, having Matt make some for shows my dealership goes to.
    Found your performance website (
    Really cool. I have worked for Cirque du Soliel in the past (not as a performer, as an usher, but still a blast)
    If you are ever performing in the DC area, let me know?
    BB Benz ·
    I will be out of pocket at work today until 07:30 p.m. If I am out bid for the fuel door, I will consider upping the ante at that time. As an admirer of your work, I would he honored to own a piece of your handy work! Come to think of it, Make that Bid Fifty! What with all the hand crafting and custom finishing!
    :] BB Benz aka Zippin Pippin
    Big Panda ·
    hey Cube.....did you purchase the smartmadness red silicone intake hose? I think I read somewhere that you had posted some instructions. can ya help me out and point me in the right direction to find them? can't seem to find them with the 'search' feature. prolly searching for the wrong thing.....BP
    ccdsmart ·
    Cube, trying to use your custom file for speedo. Can you let me know how you did the back. I am trying to add the 100 but finding it a little difficult. We are use to Illistrator not photoshop so cant quite figure it out. thanks
    Thompsolonian ·
    That Headlicgh mod is killer, I kinda want to do the Angel Eyes while I am at it, makes it that much different from any other smart. I see how easy the headlights are to paint, that is an amazing DIY tutorial. there is a company in MN that offered a killer discount to do carbon on the inside for me, not the stick on stuff, actual carbon! Don't know if I'll bite yet, might get in the way of other I deas in my mind...

    Thanks for the offer for help! I'll probaly take advantage of that. First thogh, I have to wait, I only put a reservation on it this last monday...
    Thompsolonian ·
    Yo, been reading your posts for all the mods and additions on your smart, great work! I ordered my smart and will receive it after i get back from my military training (perfect thing to take my mind off the wait). I am thinking on modding it, not quite as extreme as you have yours, but modding it nonetheless. I might try the angel eyes mod, and the headlight painting.

    Which is your favorite mod so far?
    dlroto ·
    I love your exhaust, I'm planning on getting it this week, Do you love it??? I have another question, where did you get your rear axle tube end caps??? I love them and I would like to get some for my smart.

    Thank You,
    Darkangel ·
    or if you or babybenz going to paint yours. can you let mi know? i want mine in the same color of the car, plus some other ideas
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