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  • xbondpx ·
    Hi Dink,

    I noticed that you have an aftermarket motor mount. I've read reviews about the difference it makes but I was wondering if is it worth the upgrade? And does it cause more vibrations during idle or at cruising speed? I like all the pros about the mount but my main concern is the installation. Is it a DIY install or would i have to go to a mechanic? I have some experience with cars. I installed an aftermarket exhaust and the cold air intake. Is the motor mount installation on the same level as those installations above?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS like your ride, I have the same color: black tridion and yellow panels but in the coupe body. sorry no pics of my ride YET.
    dink74 ·
    We are looking at some dates in late June maybe. hopefully we can get something together that doesn't compete with another event.

    gstreetcomic ·
    Good job on those wheels. BTW how goes it on the redo of that Meet and Greet in point of rocks? Any new dates for that?
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