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  • ccdsmart ·
    Chris hey got the suspension put on today. wow!! what a difference. totally differnet ride than just springs. It also seems to sit a little higher. no rubbing at all now. You might want to look into this. I got my kit for $600 used. there is a kit available for $650.00 brand new in the box. If you are interested let me know and i will put you in contact with the guy. I will post some pics later. Have fun
    dlroto ·
    I just ordered my genius exhaust, slightly based upon your post and the looks are dead on cool. Yeah those tube covers are the coolest ones I've ever seen and was just wondering where you got them, I'll keep searching, thank you for your help.
    cubefx ·
    I am not sure if you are talking about my new Genius exhaust or my old Breathless one. Both are the great products, but I personally I like the look and sound of Genius exhaust ( Tube covers I bought from UK Ebay long time ago. Because older smart (450) and the new one (451) have the same diameter of the dedion tubes, it is no difference which one you will get. I hope it helps.

    Aydar (aka CUBE)
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