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  • chieftmc ·
    Yea, I use the same handle "everywhere"! This old mind doesn't have a lot of good brain cells left to remember all that good stuff!

    No, no pick up yet. My "production" date is 12/30 (from SCI). My DDE is jumping around day by day now so I know it's getting close. I figure I'll take delivery around Valentine's Day; OH, HOW SWEET !

    I go by RHIT everyday (I work in Brazil). I post on too.

    I see you posted about the so, so heater again! SOOOO, can I assume you deem it as only "adequate"? Mine will be living outside, covered, but outside. I'm thinking of maybe installing a tank coolant heater, that way at least it will be up to temp right from the get go; what do you think?

    Haven't seen you "buzzing" around lately! Guess the ice is keeping you "grounded" :)

    Take care and Merry Christmas

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