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  • SkippyThorson ·
    LOVE the lug bolt caps! I really like the subtle look and the touch of color it gives the wheels. I'll have to put a thread or comment up with pictures. I really, really like them. Plus, for the material, that dark blue is pretty close to the 2008 blue color if it weren't metallic. Awesome little purchase - my favorite Smart addition after the Dash Pods! :)
    mlt muc ·
    Thank you! I still don't understand the system of SCOA, but I'm learning.
    If you want to see my "tiny elefant foot"
    adkinsperformance ·
    i just got your message i found out i got the wrong bushing sent last time they where off by a 1/8 th inch so ill have some more coming tues. so i can switch it out for you. very sorry. so besides that how did you like it
    BB Benz ·
    I've enjoyed following your Turbo tales. I had a question for you, but after reading your visitor messages with rapt attention, especially re: sound and heat reflection insulation, and now bolt cap covers, I have forgotten my original question. Oh the scourge of aging and mental decline. It will come to me! and I will be back.
    Rich aka Zippin Pippin on smartusa insider. and not to be confused with the original Baby Benz in Florida
    Gearhead ·

    here's what I've found... The self sticking reflective stuff seems to work well when stuck to things which themselves aren't hot -- which kinda makes sense. The double sided tape they use to stick the underlying fiberglass material to objects gets goohey at high temps (I'd say around 400 degrees and it'll let go). The DEI Tunnel Shield material is the thickest stuff I've used, but it too uses a double sided tape to stick it's underlying fiberglass material to objects. The DEI tunnel shield is like thin aluminum sheet with a thick fiberglass material backing. If you pre-form it to a shape -- THEN take the adhesive shield off the back to stick it on -- you'll get nice results. In most cases, you can carefully pull off the Smart's insulation and use it as a pattern (watch that you get the foil and sticky stuff on the right side!) Even the heavy duty DEI tunnel sheidling can be easily cut with good scissors (I used carpet shears).

    If you want to shield items which do get hot -- you can get ThermoTec or DEI material which does not have an adhesive self-stick backing. Then, use high temp silicone to affix it. I've found I can stick the ThermoTec stuff to hot items (600 degrees) using this approach and it stays stuck. In most cases, you won't need to put any reflective shielding on hot items. But, if you want to shield items which are attached to the turbo (some pieces of the wastegate actuator) then this may be useful.

    I used the DEI Tunnel Shield "thick" stuff under the engine lid. I used the original Smart insulation as a pattern and pre-formed the thicker aluminum DEI stuff by pressing it against the engine lid. Then, by peeling back just 1" or so of the adhesive shielding starting from the top, you can carefully affix the reflective shielding without air pockets -- pulling the adhesive shielding back to expose more of the sticky surface as you go. I used a sound damping ThermoTec insulation on the top of the engine lid.

    In the Smart's engine compartment, I took off the little plastic nuts which help affix the factory felt insulation and carefully pulled off rear piece (it's a "U" shaped piece which goes across the rear of the engine bay, starting from each side of the engine). I used this as a pattern for the reflective sheeting and used a similar proceedure as the engine lid to affix it to the car.

    Before you stick the reflective shielding onto any surface -- clean off that surface with some alcohol to remove any oils or dirt. If you want to seal any edges of the reflective shielding (so that water doesn't soak into the underlying fiberglass or kevlar material) both DEI and ThermoTec make a reflective foil fiberglass tape which you can use.

    Hope this helps...
    cherry1965 ·
    hi Donny
    i would like to know what kind of oil these smart cars use as i have an orange and black one and it is the passion

    Worker Not ·
    Hi Donny
    What are you doing being up at all hours of the night? I just saw your post on the SCOA website with a time of 2:54 P.M. I am never up this late but I worked on my truck all afternoon and I was beat!!! Came home ate dinner then fell asleep and woke up about 11:30. Now I can't get back to sleep. I decided to catch up on my e-mails and looking at various websites.
    This is the first time in ages that I have been up this late. What day were the drag races? I will phone you later today. Yes it is now Sunday.

    old user ·
    Dear Smart car owners,

    I would just like to take a moment and clarify the schedule of events that are occurring on Saturday March 21, 2009. There are actually two events on this day. The fist event is brought to you by Smart Madness. The second event is brought to you by Smart Center Beverly Hills.

    The Smart Center Beverly Hills event is their first birthday celebration event. A web site ( has been set up for information about this event and to RSVP. Here are some of the up to the minute details of the Smart Center Beverly Hills birthday celebration event.

    Event times 9:00-3:00

    Meet & greet

    Educational tour of the service facility plus information of the FREE 2.0 software update on your car

    Rally though Beverly Hills, Pacific Coast HWY and end up at the Petersen Automotive museum


    Awards ceremony with trophies

    FREE raffle that will include over $5,000 worth of merchandise:

    DTH single tip exhaust
    DTH dual chrome tip exhaust
    DTH black tip exhaust
    Koko Koture 17" limited edition wheels & tires
    Ed Hardy items
    Have your stock wheels painted & striped or your four lower panels painted for FREE
    Car covers
    Plus more to come

    FREE access to the Petersen Automotive Museum.
    The museum is welcoming Smart car owners to enjoy the museum for the rest of the afternoon

    Goodie Bags that will include:
    A variety or discount coupons from supporting vendors
    Al & Eds Autosound 2009 Xtreme Rides calendar
    $50 FREE gift certificate from (no minimum purchase required)
    Plus much more....

    * JUST ADDED* Hit NBC T.V. show Whipnotic will be coming to the event and will be filming for a special segment that will air on NBC. Lets ALL show up and show off our SMART POWER for them!!!

    Thank you for allowing me to take the time to explain the two events on Saturday March 21, 2009. I am sure that whichever event you attend that you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy!


    P.S. I would further like to clarify that officially there was only one event scheduled for Saturday March 21, 2009 and that was the birthday party for Smart Center B.H. My involvement in no way was to sabotage, interfere or ruin anything. This is event has NOTHING to do with Smart Madness or This event is ALL about celebrating Smart Center Beverly Hills birthday and about a friendly gathering of Smart car owners. Please DO NOT think of this day as a competition between companies because in my opinion it is not. This is about Smart cars and all the wonderful owners gathering together to celebrate.
    jefferios ·
    Thanks man, The blue covers look nice.

    They really give a finishing look. Thanks for giving me a free set!

    VinceLA ·
    > so does k/n have a element for the 451?

    Hey Donny, I assume you were replying to my post?

    I haven't really looked into modifying the the CAI for the smart. I tell ya it's a tight space in there. The thermal sheets are good. There are also a few more selection from your friendly Home Depot. Anything that can be used to insulate pipes will do.

    Another brand of filters you might want to look into is AFE Filters. Do a search and you should be able to find their website. I have used their filters on my race car for years. No issues whatsoever. They have a good selection of smaller filters as well.
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