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  • sbmear ·
    Hello! We just got our smartie on saturday...Bumble flea told us about the BlueBerry Festival parade, and we wondered if you still have room in the parade? We are so new to smart cars that we would like to meet some others. We would like to go to some of the get to gethers. Becky in Plymouth
    lil_yellow_cabriolet ·
    Hello, Well I put 800 miles on my car this week and still LOVE IT!

    Have you thought about the Blueberry parade this year? I am interested. Please let me know if you would be. If so maybe we can get a group together and get it done this year. I will be happy to spearhead it if you want.


    britcar ·
    Hello, I am with the British Car Club of Greater Cincinnati and we are having a car show on July 12th 2009 on the northwest side of Cincinnati. Go to and look up the British Car Day show info page. We will have car classes for European and Micro Cars you can take your pick. Some of you might not have heard of the term "Micro Car" before. In the 50's the Europeans made cars with engines under 1000cc they became known as Micro Cars. We would love to have a bunch you come and show off your cars. If you have any questions contact me at [email protected]
    lil_yellow_cabriolet ·
    HELLO! It is Tony from Mancino's in Plymouth...I have not been on here in FOREVER! I actually forgot my log in information. Anyway...We are moving our store to a new location and are planning a CRUISE IN for June 19th. We want to get you SMARTIES involved. If you are interested would you please let me know. My personal email is [email protected] please let me know if anyone is interested. I will have old cars and newer "Rice Burner" type cars. We would love to get a few smart cars also. Let me know.

    Thank you
    garnetobsidian ·
    Hey There. It's Charla, Mike's wife (wildman). I goofed on my name. It's garnetobsidian, not the other way around. I don't know what I was thinking. It just stands for red and black, which will be the colors of our Smart. :)
    jetfuel ·
    ...hey mom...saw your pic with the new ride...looks just like ours....we need to do something to make them two different from each

    smarterer ·
    That sounds like a lot of fun. I'll ask my wife later tonight and see if she would like to the event. She is playing cards with her mother and sister right now and that's not something you want to interrupt.

    We’re celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow and our son’s 13th birthday in a few days so it’s a busy weekend with some of her family being here. She is the youngest of 10 children, so her family “get togethers” are something else for me. I’m a much more of a private person then she is.

    I can really see her getting into the idea of car shows next year as her “little red smart” (a red convertible) is now scheduled for delivery January to March of next year. At that point we will be a two smart family.

    Thanks for the invite!

    Randall and Jeannette
    EinsteinsMommy ·
    I wish you could too! YOU deserve to have it, you're not a swindler or a cheat. You're a nice guy and I can't believe that you got screwed so badly!
    lil_yellow_cabriolet ·
    I don't understand how he could have gotten his hands on a 2nd so fast... I am not happy about what I had to do, but 2 is a little crazy! Now I am not too happy with the whole situation myself. I wish I could come up with the $20,000 to get mine back. UUUGH!
    lil_yellow_cabriolet ·
    Hey did you see that Dan at Auto Park now has a 2nd car? A Black and Silver Cabriolet. I had a friend call them to see what he is asking and he said the yellow is NOT FOR SALE, $24,900 for the other. I just thought that would spark your interest....
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