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  • Evilution ·
    Don't panic, it was just a server update that took it down for a while.
    I gave up the site for a year whilst I was having a bad time with life but I'm back now.
    weerrolf ·
    Hi Kane,
    The Evilution site is down as of this morning? Just bought my first smart, found your site just days ago, what a wealth of information. Hope it only down temporarily, although a lot of messages on this forum say you sort of retired? Thanks anyway for the info so far.
    badwolf ·
    Thank You!.. for the video on your website on how to reset the service indicator. I tried all day using the written instruction, but it just wouldn't work for me. After watching your was reset on the first try!
    Buffalo, NY-USA
    fernblat ·
    Thank you, Kane, for still hanging in there. Not just as the owner of Evilution, but in general. As to your current situation - been there, done that, burned the t-shirt, yet still remain on those pesky antidepressants. Just keep yourself sane (a relative term, to say the least) and healthy. I really appreciate the info you've worked so hard on putting together for the site, it has helped me tremendously with my fortwo 2006 cdi cabrio and all your vendor recommendations have been spot-on. Just wanted to send a letter of appreciation, as so many others seemed to be more interested in whether the site stays up! grrr


    Tom Norris
    TN, USA
    sato7 ·
    Nice to see you are still around... the "GURU" could not go far from his followers! Hope all is well with you.
    UK Roadster ·

    Thanks for the response. Are you still running with the 4 bar FPR? If you reverted back why did you do so? I am also about to go mad and get some big brakes (discs and callipers) just because I can, any recommendations as to what works well?

    Looks like it is about time I made another donation!

    Evilution ·
    There seemed to be a touch more mid range power and torque. I didn't see any noticeable increase in fuel consumption. Extra fuel is only used when you floor the accelerator.
    UK Roadster ·

    I noticed on your site some information about fitting a 4 bar fuel pressure regulator. What was your verdict? I would consider fitting one to my 2005 Brabus Roadster Coupe if it did anything more than increase the fuel consumption. Your thoughts, as always, will be treasured!

    Old smart ·

    I tried to email you at [email protected] (from whence your last email originated), but it bounced.

    I packaged the filters and took them to the UPS shipping site, along with your secret address. Problem. The package cannot be received by the carrier without your secret telephone number too. Part of the international security agreements. U.S.P.S., FedEx and DHL are the same way. So, please send me the number at my off-site email address. In the meantime, I will re-pack the box to include two each of L14612 and PL14612. That way you will have two of each to cut and examine, and two to use.

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