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  • blackoctaupus ·
    Hi Fredvon4, you mention in a forums that you flat tow for 2 years, are you referring to a smart car. If yes would like to know wich type. Because I just bought myself a motorhome and I owned a smart car Passion diesel and will be very interested to tow 4down behing my Itasca Spirit. Would like to how you do it.
    Thank you!
    Fredvon4 ·

    No thank you... thanks for the thought. Appreciate it. I still have 5 copper crush washers of the right size right now and they should last the life of the car... the factory originals are still good after 3 uses on Farnsworth and the initial change on Yellow bee
    jonnysan ·
    Hi Fred,
    I finally have made up some seal washers out of aluminum. Would you like a few to try? They cost me $1 each to get punched out at a sheet metal shop. If you send me a SASE, I'll send you as many as you like. I have 30 of them.
    jonnysan ·
    Hey Fred,
    How's it going and how's you car breaking in? Just changed engine oil for 2nd time at 6600 continues to run very well. Getting generally around 40 mpg (+/- 2mpg) mostly city/surburban driving and alittle more when we take a 2-4 hour trip with it down the interstate. Not bad. I don't check it much anymore as I am happy with that.
    Hope you had a good summer...ours has been good.
    So much repeat banter on the forums now I don't go on as much as I used the reality now is alot better than the wait we went thru prior to getting the cars.

    Take care, Fred.

    SPDYII ·

    Where have you been? Before you got your car you were posting all the time. Are you having to much fun with your car or just the opposite? Before you got your car you said you would make alot of modifications to your car and would be posting the details. So far there hasn't been very little of that. I hope everything is well with you. I'm just looking for ways to pass the time while I wait for my car to come.
    Fredvon4 ·
    You should do this immediately as you leave the dealer. I do a lot of it in his lot (my dealers lot is big enough). Warped rotors are a myth. BUT, rotor surface “hardening” and pad “material transfer” to the rotor surface are NOT myths. The hard spots, and the material transfer, are what you feel as pulsating brake pedal with your foot. “Bedding in”, or “burnishing” the rotors and pads properly can prevent it from ever happening. This is a very important step on a new brakes.

    Get up to 30mph and when safe do a very hard (not lockup or ABS starting) but very hard braking just shy of a full stop. As you feel the truck about to halt, let off and smoothly accelerate back to 25, 30 mph. Repeat this 4 or 5 times while looking for a clear parking lot or unused back road. Let about 3 or more minutes pass between hard braking series to let the rotors settle to the new temp. Do this in a place where you do NOT have to come to any complete stops with the brakes while the rotors are hot! You are deliberately trying to get the rotors VERY hot.

    Once you have a SAFE place to do some more of this, do another hard brake series and get out of it while still rolling as before, but this time just coast to a normal stop. Clear your rear and shift to reverse. Going backwards get up to a fair clip and do a hard brake in reverse, but again NOT to a complete stop. Do this several times as far to the rear as you can in the selected place but try very hard to NOT bring the truck to a complete stop with the brakes pads holding the very hot rotor.

    What we are doing here is "burnishing" the pads, and forcing very controlled and even heating to the rotors and attaching assemblies.

    For the first few days try to set up your stopping to NEVER bring you to a full stop with the pads HARD clamped to hot rotors. This is hard to do and do not ever forget safety for you and others. If you must bring the monster to a quick and complete stop as soon as you are stopped ease up on the brakes and try to creep if there is room.

    Most of the first several days I try to set up stop lights so I have a good buffer between me and cars ahead. I brake fairly aggressively, and with a two car buffer, ease up and roll out until one car buffer then slowly creep up to the car in front. Usually the light changes before I need to full stop. Do this a couple of times during the first 100 miles and your brake pads and rotors will last a long time and stopping power will be greatly enhanced.

    ltTXsmarty ·
    Hey Fred,
    Was there a get together this weekend on Saturday? Was on my way home from work Sat. afternoon and came across a yellow/black passion and a black/black passion both headed East bound on 190. Also talked to Jordan from RRSmart and checked on orphan list. YOur name came up and I was told to tell you hello.
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