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  • Derekns74 ·
    I saw in a post that you are running 7.5 inch wide front wheels, and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about them. I have a set of all 15" Brabus wheels that I want to widen, and I was planning to widen both the fronts to 6.5 and the rears to 7.5 inches to run 195/50-15's front and 225/45-15's on the rears.

    I was going to widen the wheels all on the outside edge of the rim. Do I need to have them do 2 cuts and put some on the inside of the wheel? The fact that people put stock rear wheels and tires on the front tells me that I can get at least a half inch to go toward the inside. I'm just not sure if I need to. Any advice would be really appreciated.
    GiantKiller ·
    sorry I didn'tr get back to you sooner. I've got 195/40/17s on 7.5 wide rims in front 225/35/17s on 9.5 in the back. 8.5 would have been better in back. But I'm hoping to do a bike engine conversion. And then I'll need wider tires.
    foyfarlow ·
    hi there im just curious on what size tires you went with on your rears.. i went with 205 40 16 and your look wider
    miguel girasol ·
    Hey GiantKiller, i like your rims, try to get some for my smart, but can't find them nowhere in USA, only size 16"s. can't you tell where did you get yours? I'm looking for 17X7.5 for the front and 17X8.5 in the rear. How much is going to cost me?
    VinceLA ·
    Yo GK, I have got just one more question about the Eibach. :p

    Did you have to perform an alignment after the installation? If so, did you go with factory settings?

    Thank you!
    bud.12 ·
    hi giant, great look on the car. what exactly is the process to smooth and paint the original black ground effects and other plastic parts of the car? thanks in advance, bud
    Old Bruns ·
    Hey, Love that look on your car. I'm picking mine up in Milwaukee in about 3 hours, white and silver too. When is there going to be a Smart ralley in Milwaukee or MADISON?
    johnny ray ·
    I just wanted to know,what is the name of the rims and size of the tires please because i want to get some for my smart when it gets here!
    Hauser ·
    Sorry to keep bothering you about details of you car.

    I contacted the guy in Las Vegas and he wanted me to go with 16" instead of the 17". He said they will give me a better ride? I also asked about going 8.5 x 17 in the rear and he told me that they only come in the 9.5. He said the 17's would ride better if I went with a new suspension setup on all four cornerers?

    I also contacted the dealer in Georgia and they told me that with the 17 there was a strut clearance issue?

    I would appreciate if you could shed some light on this for me.

    I have looked at your pics so many times now that I must admit that your car is most definately the nicest one around. I even like it more than the uber expensive Lorinser car.

    On the roof of your car it looks like you added vortex generators? They don't look like anything else I've seen on the forums. What is it exactly?

    My last question is how does one black out the headlights?

    Thanks so much!!

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