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  • sykes05 ·
    Huronlad, Hello, I'm looking for a Smart Car AM/FM/CD radio for my 2005 Smart 450. I was told that you are someone who may have some to sell. I know by now it would be used, but as long as it is OEM. Please get back to me when you can.
    Thank You, Sykes05
    sykes05 ·
    Huronlad, I am not a visitor, but actually part of the club. Yet no one answers me, so I'll try this way. I want to know for sure if I can put rear wheels & tires up front on my 2005 450 without any problems at all? I also am using 15mm spacers on my car, so if I use rears up front, can I still use the spacers or maybe they won't be needed up front?
    I appreciate if you can get back to me via my personal email = [email protected]
    Thank You, sykes05
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