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  • Annice ·
    It would be helpful to know other grey market SMART owners. Our local mechanic calls his son in Germany when he runs into something he doesn't know how to fix.
    We live in TX but had to fly to PA to get our SMART. Below is a description of three main expenses we have had. I'm using the work orders to tell the problems as best as I can.
    4-1-10: There was a fuel leak found at Evap. valve installed by G & K Conversions in Santa Ana, CA. The whole gas tank had to be shipped to G&K ($360.00 round trip shipping). G&K also had to send an Evap. modgule ($495.00 plus 32.00 shipping) for our mechanic to install. The total cost, including items listed above was $1,348.34 and the SMART was at the garage for 5 weeks.
    5-6-09: Had to install a new starter sent from G&K ($622.00 plus $320.50 for labor at our garage). In addition our garage installed new spark plugs, cleaned oxygen sensors, scanned computer system and installed Evap. Emissions Upgrade Kit sent from G&K. This was an additional charge of $240.00 for labor.

    Before these two (4-1-10 & 5-6-09) our SMART had a broken manifold (bad weld by G&K). The whole muffler had to be shipped back to G&K for repair. I can't find the work order on this one so I don't know the cost.

    HAVE OTHERS WITH GREY MARKET SMART OWNERS HAD SIMILAR PROBLEMS AND EXPENSES? I love my SMART and my husband has not said "sell it" yet but he may be getting close.
    SMART ·
    Your club has been setup and you also have moderation capabilities in it. If you would like your own calendar, to share events, I can also set this up.

    85mpg ·
    Just a question since you've changed your own oil. Is the the 451 oil filter the same size as 450? If not where do you get your 450 oil filters? Thanks
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