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  • smartcar111 ·
    When threads stop going to the top of the Recent Threads, then I know most of the people are sleeping so I call it quits.
    smartcar111 ·
    I'm always on SCoA, from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed at like three or four. I refresh the page about 10 times a minute to see what's new and even read and write on my iPhone. I'm probably the biggest SCoA junkie on here. :D
    fishlady ·
    Noticed that you're a Cushing's patient. Friend of mine said that going to Portland was the best place to go, better than Seattle. Will try to find out which hospital and dr she saw.
    B_Cebrian ·
    I'm afraid I'm not sure who Dave is but it sound like he is part of smart's customer service (or Penski's), but he sounds like someone to talk to before I outlay the cash. I'd appreciate the number and his title. I'll give him a call on Monday. Thanks, Brian
    redbluff ·
    No they did not get the gas gauge fixed. They replaced the sending unit, cluster, and did three different software programs. Was in the dealer7 times . Finally I made them give me a new car. Ghe gas gauge not working is hardly normal.
    Juliessmartcar ·
    Hi JediKnight 36,

    I'm pretty new to these forums so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm in need of a Smart Car to rent for the upcoming Mary Kay Seminar. I asked the DFW dealership and they said they have lots of requests like these and would not be able to promote a car at the show. I have a booth and want to have a "Smart Theme". 35,000 Mary Kay ladies will be there and they would LOVE it. Do you know of someone that I can rent their Smart Car. Thanks, Julie
    gstreetcomic ·
    I took note of the comment you made on one of your pics, thank the lord. God is good always, as that is how i got my pure in three months as an ophan equipped exaclty the way i wanted it. BTW the color scheme you got is very popular. I see it all the time in my area next to the blue and black set up.
    JD10367 ·
    Hey, Jedi... How are you liking your car so far? :) My wife (Karen103a on the board) has been avidly following your dogged pursuit of this car, LOL. We hope it was worth the wait for you. We love our little guy, and it's been the best thing we've ever bought if only for the smiles it gives both us and anyone who sees it.
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