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  • Ety Bity ·
    Hey Jetfuel: I haven't been on in a long time...I have the Steeler Smart Car and met you, finally, at the Colorado Nationals. I hope you remember me. I have thought about you and all us "Oldie Smart Owners" pre electric often. Just wanted to say that I hope you are doing well.

    Diane Elmore...on here it's Ety Bity.
    Kathy Rader Rodenberger ·
    Hey Jetfuel,
    Long time no see......just wanted to check and see if you or anyone we might know, is going to the Smart National in Alabama this year. We haven't been to anything in quite a while - thought maybe we might go. Kathy ;)
    peterhemm ·
    Hi Jetfuel,

    I wondered if you had any thoughts on a post I wrote yesterday titled "Turbo on-throttle, off-throttle question" in [Technical > 451 > smart Modifications > Turbo]?

    peterhemm ·
    Hi Jetfuel,

    DreamCarOwner posted a photo of your car at the April Fools Rally this year in Lima Ohio. I like the front splitter you have - can you tell me where you got it, or did you make it yourself?

    Godfather ·
    Hey, Padrino,you still around? Just bought an '08 with 23K on it, need some small parts, hope you have a source or three, thanx
    txwylde ·
    Hey JetFuel,
    Had the same issue you did back in 2009. My rear windshield wiper hose is leaking. When you turn it on, you can see the fluid on the ground. I removed the left panel and even pulled out the insulating bag. I tried following the line to the fitting. Is is close to the tail lights? I tried to see if i could follow it but my hands were too big. I figured I would ask before taking this beast to the dealer.

    DoraAnderson ·
    Hey Jet, I'm so glad I/we finally got to meet face to face. You are far more awesome than your already awesome reputation! George (From Holland) enjoyed meeting you too, and I was tickled to have met you, and found out how much you two are alike!
    I hope you had fun, made it home safe, and that I get to see you again!!
    SmartRT ·

    You replied to my thread about using a diesel model instead of gas model smart for a shell/donor car. Can I used the diesel model and rip out motor and trans just like the gas model?
    Toppy · you are doing OK. Did not know how to get in touch with you.....We sure enjoyed meeting you at the Dells in June. In are unforgettable !! E mail us.....please [email protected]
    Hungry ·
    Hello, we met in the dells and I said that "I just used my name" you replied this is a dangerous proposition. so now I selected this name.
    BB Benz ·
    hey Jet, Where did you get your left foot rest. What does it contribute to your comfort? I suspect that is the purpose. The carpet padding is an aggravation to me. i would like to hear your analysis of it if you wouldn't mind. Where did you find yours, or did you have it custom made? How does it attach? The black carpeting is one of my least favorite things, of everything I love about this car. Thanks for your time.
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