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  • Davidl ·
    Thanks Jim, Do You Know Of Any Smart Tech That Would Talk To Me? I Have Code B1430 In The Sams Unit. (Cooling Fan Shorted) Do Not Know If Problem Is In The Fan Or The Sam. I Can Turn The Fan On With The Scan Tool. Can Not Find Any Info On Code B1430
    Thanks For Any Help Dave
    Davidl ·
    Hi Jim Have a Question About My Smart Car. Maybe You Can Direct Me to someone Who can help. 2013 Smart Condenser fan Quits running On A/C. Runs OK On Engine Heat. Can Turn On With Scan tool. Watch A/C Pressure Switch On Scanner Reads 5v And Line Pressure. When line pressure Gets To 365-420 Compressor Kicks Out. Pressure High because Fan not running. Removed Sam unit and checked connections No help. Any ideas Thanks dave
    Toppy ·
    Hi Jim.........I sure have had a hard time getting back on here.......been about 3-4 years I think.....this is Nona from Green Bay......Ron & I will have to sell our ED Hardy Smart.....both of us use walkers and it is not easy getting them in our LTL ED !! Ron's back very bad so guess who has the job of doing most of the work.......It's hard but so sad as we love that little car. Any ideas for getting a fairly decent price on it ? Less than 18.000 miles so you know it has not had much use....Hope every thing is going good for you and family.....Last time we talked you were going to a first time Grandpa.......My Email is [email protected] and I am also on Facebook..please contact me in some way ..I do need someone's suggestions and help. Thanks so much Take care
    RGEmbry ·

    Loved the detailed post on the Radiator Fan substitution. I pretty much did what you suggested except that I mounted it to the bumper/crash rail. I think I am going to have to move it closer to the Radiator though. A lot of air is being pushed back by the radiator and not flowing through as well as it should so it is heating up a lot when in traffic or even just idling at a light. Temp hit 236 the other day. So I know I am going to have to make a change.

    Any suggestions on how far off the Radiator the fan should be?

    I am also thinking of making a cowling for the fan as well.

    I am open to any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

    tgobie50 ·
    Hey Jim, how does one post an event in the event forum. If you'd be so good and set that up, and include a poll for hard numbers. I'm going to start looking into rooms and will need to know.
    2016 Smart Deadwood Nationals June 13th to 16th. 2016
    MDSmithJr ·
    my ac fan making grumbling noise when ac is turned on - ac works fine as far as cold air - no noise when running blower with no ac on -
    looked at your ac fan added to front of radiator - looks like something I would like to try - any information as to fan type and size - and does the new fan plug into old fan connection ect. assuming that U just leave old fan in place but unplug so it does not come on anymore
    any and all help would be appreciated -
    Thanks MDS
    Rocky ·
    Thanks for all your good info about the tires. I really do appreciate it. I am a new owner of a 2009 passion with less than 30,000 miles. I am going to tow it with a 2000 Rialta. I am also new to forums and hope to glean lots of good info about the smart car. I really like it! Thanks again...
    Brewin George ·
    Hi jimvw57,
    There is some discussion and one set of photos on how to repair the AC/Heat blower on the smart but there's sure no motor to unplug under the front hood. Your comment on the subject "fan is located under the dash on the 451 model" got my attention. So I looked under the dash passenger side and, well, nothing looks very accessible to me. Can you offer any suggestions? Know of any photos to illustrate how to access the motor. I live about 500 miles from the nearest dealer! Thanks for any help.
    PzChamp ·
    I am having trouble with my 2009 Transmission shifting at odd times or winding out each gear. Is there a place that I can see conversations from others that might have had the same issue? I have a 2009 Cabrio that I bought used with 26,000 miles on it.
    bob m ·
    hi jim ...what is jills position with smart ..i emailed her and she responded to me ..was very short test type of email i responded with a very detailed one and shes gonna call me tomorrow ..jsut was wondering who im going to be speaking to
    bob m ·
    hi ...if i can ask what kind of issues did you have with your 2008 thay mandated a replacement and what finally pushed it to a replacement
    frozendog ·
    It doesn't sound like the issue I am having with my smart. On a local minnesota note, last month my cousin & I were just riding through st. Boni on a bike trip across MN. It was good to be back there again.

    Thanks for your info in the clutch/trans!

    jimvw57 ·
    It started with a transmission output shaft error code from the computer, which I called the dealer as soon as it happened. Once I got home, it wouldn't shift into gear and I got a strange noise which was the actuator motor trying to work. Once I got up to the dealer, they heard the actuator noise and saw the error code. After replacing the sensor and the clutch actuator, they test drove it and ended up towing it back to the dealer. That ended up with a new transmission and clutch. Luckily it was all in one visit.

    I originally was born and raised in Bloomington, and lived in Mound for awhile..My 2008 Pure burned up just outside of St Bonifacious...
    frozendog ·
    Hi jimvw57,

    I read in the clutch 2.0 thread, that you had a clutch, actuator & Transmission replaced. It looks as though I am going down that same path with my smart (clutch, shift mechanism etc). I am writing you because I was curious what were the symptoms of your transmission that finally resulted in the dealer replacing it?

    In my case there is a clunking in between gears when shifting that were have not been able to resolve.

    Any info you may have may be useful in my getting this fixed.

    Thanks so much.


    BTW I grew up in your neck of the woods (west suburbs)
    GHammerly ·
    The pic of your pure with steel wheels looks great. Is that what lurks inside those ugly hubcaps?
    The wheels look great with no hubcaps!
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