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  • Tom Williams ·
    Thank you for a great rally. Glad we could take in at least part of it. Everyone was so friendly and fun!!! Loved the cookies (wrapped "so cute"). Thank you to the baker!

    Appreciate all the hard work that went into the planning. Great job!!
    So Cute (smartfrog)
    hihosilver ·
    J - you sent me a PM re: the squeaky brake pedal. I finally got around to checking it out.

    I think the best way to get at it is from underneath. Sorry for the long delay. This would be super quick with a lift. You could remove the front tray completely with a lift but not enough room with ramps. It isn't too difficult with the car on ramps though. Probably took
    an hour and a half including cleaning up.
    rawhidekid ·
    Back in 1969, a Bohemian had long hair and beard, wore beads multicolored striped bell bottoms and sandles with a hair vest. You don't look the part. rawhidekid Actually that described me then.
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