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  • jzchen ·
    Jo, you most likely know a lot more than me. It's complicated, but I'm in a bind financially at the moment with medical bills of my mother....

    You may be right, but the guy/gal did note sound was coming from a different direction.

    I am happy to take a no money bet though.

    Jo e Lefors ·
    I'll be willing to bet $10 to your favorite charity that dhibls has a bad subwoofer.
    I wanted to him to post a picture. If the radio is trimmed in silver he has a model 10 and that means he indeed has a subwoofer. I'll also bet he has no idea he even has a subwoofer.
    Just a few months ago someone wanted to remove the bottom covering of the car to find the noise and it was the subwoofer.

    Take care.

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