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  • jandrada ·

    Where exactly in the Redneck Riviera? I live in Panama City and am about to buy a Fortwo. I am interested in connecting with other owners in the area...

    Juan Andrada
    Claco99 ·
    Hello Kermit, I am Claco99 and new to the Smart Form. I just started a thread regarding the installation of the Roadmaster EZ 2 towing brackets. In reading the instructions on the Roadmaster website I don't think I have the skills required to install the brackets and the wiring harness required for towing the smart car with our motor home. A person in Huber Heights, OH referred me to Bum-bling-B. Do you install for other smart owners?...or should I go to a Smart Dealer orPrivate installer?

    Help this fellow Floridian please !
    a1kaching ·
    The back I found. But what did you use for the front tires. What fits in there. Your pic does not show the front. Thank you.
    a1kaching ·
    Do the black straps have a name on them. I got some but the metal part is to big to fit in the rim. What size are they? I would like to get the same kind. Anything you can tell me about them will help. Also I did put the car in the trailer. I just jack up the front, of the trailer and drove it in. It fit in good. Now I just have to tie it down. Thank you for helping me.
    fishlady ·
    welcome to the pink side of things!! I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and just saw your updated colour.. any pics out there yet??
    jknackert ·
    Followed you up to the Dam for the picture. Loved your paint job. Got back home to Florida Monday afternoon! Couldn't believe how great my Litl Guy handled in the rain on Saturday.
    16.luca ·
    How do you take off the mirror caps plz can you tell me a diy of this I want to do this thankyou

    You can text me at 480-512-2254 or email me at [email protected] my name is luca and I would very much apreciate it
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