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  • papadukes56 ·
    Krusty,Thanks for the info that place was nice and I love happy hours so I take it that we all just need to accommodate ourselves and then meet up as a group if so I would not want to have to drive up from Key West then come back down I would get a room at the top and then one at the bottom am I on the right track if so let me know and I will wait for more info on the meet before booking rooms Thanks again Krusty . papadukes
    ATL Smart alec ·
    Hey there !
    How are you doing ? I am getting ready to add some stuff to my car. Which Cruise unit do you have, and what setting do you have the Sprint Booster set at ?
    TAI-NEE ·
    Hi there, noticed there was a discussion some time ago about a Smart accident in Miami... It was my mother-in-law who was involved in it. She got hit on the front DS and sent into a spin which eventually rolled the car landing on it's DS. She suffered some broken bones and so forth but she is doing well, considering the severity of the accident AND the speed everybody was traveling at the time (65 mph). But even more impressive is the little car. The car is 1o0% in one piece. Some scratches and front fender damage but other than that, I have to say that Smart held up tremendously well. She now is shopping for a new car and has mentioned a "Hummer"!!

    If I can figure out how to post a pic, I will upload some of the "aftermath". She really misses her little car and wishes it was still around though I do believe she will not get another one.
    desert877 ·
    I noticed on your car the lower panels beneath the door were glossy, like the valance panel and suh. I was interested in doing the same thing on my smart, Did yall sand the panels, then apply a clear coat? I'm really curious on how you did it. IT LOOKS REALLY SHARP!!
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