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  • MeeUV ·
    Hi Ken. Was great to see you @ the Dragon. Mark and I had a great time this year, even with the ESP issues. We'll work that out once we return home. Looking forward to upcoming events. I spoke with Ivonne yesterday. She commented on collecting ideas for the third Anniversary of SmartOrlando. Hopefully there will be a significant level of support from the folks at SmartOrlando. It will take their backing of course to make the celebration a big success. Well I need to get going, we have to pack up so that we can head out early in the morning for our Monday morning departure back to Florida. Speak with you soon. Keep in touch.
    chelsy311 ·
    I am a journalism student at UCF and I am doing an article about Smart Cars. I was wondering if you would be willing to participate in an interview and share you enthusiasm for smart cars with me. I would greatly appreciate your help. The finished article has the potential to be published in the Central Florida Future, and possibly the Orlando Sentinel.

    please contact me as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much for you time.


    [email protected]
    Wdhitch ·
    Oh no!!!! I wasn't talking about that... I was talking about the panoramic photo that I saw on the other 2 sites... turns out you had already posted it here and I just missed it.
    GmacDiesel29 ·
    Hey, it's Garrett from the smart center, I'm going to have one of my new customers send you a message, could you send her a list of events, she is really cool, and into hanging out with the crowd.. Oh, and I might go to winghouse this Friday with a car that is all done up..
    Thanks alot Ken!

    Smart center orlando
    charlie1 ·
    Ken, My wife and I live in Lakeland and we just returned from vacationing in Newfoundland Canada, the wife test drove a smart car while we were there. We have searched the internet and gotten alot of info already. Can we take you to breakfast (our treat of course) on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning in exchange for more info on the SMART cars. You can reach me via cell phone 863-899-6005 or post a msg back to me!! Thanks Alot. I saw where you are contacted the folks who organize the antique car show in Lakeland in October, I try to go each year to check out the cars there!!

    Charlie Stokes
    Bumblee ·
    Please add me to the list.

    Your SCOA user name: Bumblee
    Actual Name: Barbara
    E-mail address: [email protected]
    City/Town where you reside: Daytona Beach
    Model and year of your smart: '08 Yellow & Black PURE

    We talked at the Orlando function last weekend and you gave me the "ACTUAL SIZE" sticker.

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