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  • mandkd ·
    Sorry ... sounding like an ignoramus; brain wasn't quite with me yesterday ... Obviously, white would go with my old car and you would keep get the puffy blue.
    Answer, in effect, does note change, in that I am leaning toward living with the new blue (get a new car, but here, let's put some old paint on it).
    Won't know my "final answer" until after they arrive. :)
    mandkd ·
    You have read correctly; I am vacillating between the current blue, which I love, and the new blue, which I may or may not just get used to. Unfortunately, white is even less preferred as a color choice. Thanks for asking the question, and I will definitely let you know if I change my mind,
    Wile E. Coyote ·
    Hi, reading over this post it looks like you are ordering 2 new smarts? Sounds like you don't want the Light Metallic Blue (baby blue looking) panels that one comes with and will put your old ones on instead. I have a set of white panels to offer for the baby blue looking ones.

    I'm thinking of a triangle trade concept. Instead of them putting the baby blue ones on your old trade in I could bring my white ones to go on it instead. It would end up with your new car having your Dark blue ones, the trade in having white, and I would have the baby blue set.

    My Smarts are NOT convertibles so if the baby blue set or your old trade in is a convertible, that would shoot this in the foot from the start.

    Let me know if this interests you, a few months ago I drove down to Indiana and a fellow Smart owner down there wanted my Yellow panels so I swapped him for the Black set he had. Took us 'bout 2 1/2 hours to swap.

    Thank you ~ Steve C.
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