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  • blkshk ·
    I at 73 am shocked that Mercedes Benz has produced such a unique cute/ugly desirable car with so many stupid and poorly engineered problems-what has happened to engineering in the world that this is the best of a mfg like MB-poor and disgusting! I wanted to buy one of these being a former VW owner but no way and as I was going to attempt to buy one for my grandaughter when she graduated HS-NO WAY! Mercedes Benz ought to hide in shame! DISGUSTING!
    Kermit ·
    I actually painted them myself so it was just the cost of the paint. Everything that wasn't green is cheap paint so I did it for around $100 - I figured if I was only going to leave them a particular color for 8 months it was pointless to pay a lot. The green one I got a bit better paint so it was $400.
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