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  • BB Benz ·
    My favorite Brabus Wheel cleaner is Zep Citrus Orange oil cleaner on a big sponge, and for the really tough specks of Brake dust I use Barkeeper's friend mixed with the above and a 3M scratchless scrubbing pad for dishes, Scotch Brite is a NO NO fer sho! About the only zone that isn't perfect is the area around the metal valve stem. I kept running my fingernails into it. OW!
    Oh, it is easiest to take the wheel off the car, get most done quickly, both sides and then put the wheel up on a towel on the tailgate at a comfortable height to work on. I popped the center "B" cap out and was able to polish up the edges with the Barkeeper's Friend.
    All I have to do now is polish the rear tires, and the rest of the car. I have some black wax from Turtle wax as my next wax job. We will see if it makes the panels look any blacker.
    BB Benz ·
    Gotta get some of the O'Reilly ceramic pads, and stop that dust! Just got mine on today. It was easy to do. You can do it if I can.
    BB Benz ·
    Thinking of microcars, Daniel my son and I stopped in at the Lane Motor Museum on our way home from the Dragon this year. They had some really cool looking cars parked out on the lawn in front, too.
    Drift_It ·
    It was by good graces, lol. I checked the interior first after the storm ended because I thought the inside would be destroyed, thank god it wasn't
    BB Benz ·
    I am hoping your partner's test results reveal a false positive. The waiting for results is dreadful.
    Loved the asterisk/dog walking comment!
    How long have you been a partnership?
    We have managed 17 years.
    Good luck with the test results.
    Rich and John
    smartcar111 ·
    I highly recommend the graphics. They add a great aggressive look that turns heads. I recommend getting a professional sign shop to do it since they can make it look really professional unless you are up to do it yourself. Since my best friends best friend did them for me, I got away with it at $175, but it shouldn't be more than $250. Thank you for the compliments for my car and congratulations of being a member of the best car owners in the world.
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