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  • NedleyC ·
    HI there Miss M,
    Haven't been to Rons lately but some time over the Holidays we will visit. BTW nice change of photo..
    Ned C
    sykes05 ·
    Miss Mercedes, I did delete the attachments and it didn't clear the way or allow me to attach more.
    Maybe I didn't do it right - "?"
    NedleyC ·
    HI again from Racine.
    Thanks for the name and number of the tech in Kenosha. Do you know if he does any A/C work on Smarts?
    I think I need a freon top off.
    Maybe we can share a meet and greet at Rons some day.

    Ned C:
    sokoloff ·
    Thanks for editing my title. I looked for a way to do that, but didn't see a way to edit the title of a post. What did I miss?

    Yinzer ·
    Thanks for the explanation. By "last night" you mean the election result for the state House of Delegates seat in Virginia, where a transgender person won the election over a right-wing extremist in a county (which, I can vouch becasue I once lived there, was an extremely right-wing county)?

    I find this whole "no talking politics" - especially in these dangerous times - dangerous for all life on earth - to be absurd.
    wlmory ·
    Appreciate your comments and commitment. I am about to lease/own a 3rd smart, first was an ICE which I was told was the 82 one to come to the states in 2008. I reserved the day they were first made available and lived in Boston at the time, so it was reasonable that I got one of the very first. Moved to Chicago area shortly after :-( very different here, we miss New England, but it drove like a trooper on the way out and for the next 7 years. When ED's FINALLY came to the midwest in '15, traded the '08 for one and drove for the last 35 months. Lease is about up and I reserved a '17 ED cabriolet to lease in November. Your profile says WI/IL border, so I'm curious where you have bought yours and where you have them serviced.

    Thanks in advance,
    lebikerboy ·
    Dear MM,
    Hey you, how are you doing?
    Glad to see your still collecting smarts!
    Anyway, today I was trying to pull the halogen bulbs
    out of the housings and just couldn't figure out how
    to remove the wires holding the bulb in.
    Any thoughts?
    primostoy ·
    Good to see your still here, you probably don't remember me, it's been awhile since I have posted, I'm the one who gave you that muffler a couple of years ago. Anyway, just getting back into Smarts, just purchased a 2009 Brabus from ATL SmartAlec in Atlanta, love the car, anyway just wanted to say 'hey'.
    I see you have worked on your fog lights in the past. I had a Rick bust my drivers side fog lamp and got a replacement but cannot figuir out how to remove the black trim panel to access the fog lamp. Help please. :).
    OliverB ·
    Since I gather you are an Apple fan, I thought you might enjoy this. I have an original 1984 128K Mac with accessories. Thought I might fire it up tomorrow in celebration of the 30th Anniv. of the introduction of the Mac. Hasn't been fired up for over 11 years so hope it still functions!
    rawhidekid ·
    Just thought I would let you know. Granted I bought mine used so can't say if stock, although I believe so. Wish you were local so that you could ride in GiGi and feel how smooth she has become. Take care, good luck getting a smart.
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