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  • rawhidekid ·
    Neon; when I was your age I thought I had all the answers too. When we were talking about the manual tran, you said the slow smooth acceleration felt smoother because of the slower rocking of the car, that doesn't wash. It could cover the 1rst to second at 15 miles per hour but not the 2nd to 3rd at 35 or 4th to 5th at 45mph. Witch are all smooth.
    nick1source ·
    Regarding passion cab for sale;

    Hey there, no spam..only a legitimate seller. If I do not recieve any other best offers within the period in which you are ready to buy I will be more than happy to sell it to you at such date. I will keep you posted accordingly. Thanks.
    Stretchmobile ·
    I didn't research it. Good thing you did. I just saw it was lightly tapped and repaired. I wouoldn't buy either after what you said. Keep looking. It was a great price and not far from you. Oh well.
    Terry Stibal ·

    Have you taken a close look at Larry4whatever's profile and contrasted it with some/most of his postings on the website?

    • He lists his "ride" as a Crossblade on the profile, complete with odd color choices, yet his "experience" seems to be with a used 2008 Passion

    • His location is "nowhere" - cute enough for the internet, of course - but his postings at first listed a West Coast location, yet all of his immediate references are to either South or North Carolina.

    • His on-site attitude is (almost without exception) that of a internet troll

    I would imagine that he would have better to do than to jerk people around on here. However, I appear to be wrong.

    Someone ought to do something about this...
    jimvw57 ·
    Sorry your career post went bad. Ignore Larry, he is a cranky old man who doesn't have a clue and gets enjoyment from messing with people. as for your career choice, do what you want to do. Have fun and try out different avenues. you are in charge of your life and it is what you make it. I know too many people that hate what they do and they go on doing it. Next thing they know it, they have too many years in to be able to change it. Go for it and don't be afraidto start over if it doesn't work out.
    When I started over in Robotics (at 26 years old, I walked away from a house, lost about 25,000 in equity, kid on the way (2 months after I started schol) and it was a tough few years. I survived. so will you!!
    smartcarballer ·
    Yeah dude, I modded my car already, got red neons in the interior, aftermarket sony cd player mp3 sat ready hd ready, tinted windows, tinted rear tail lights, carbon fiber head lights, 10" kendwood sub under dash with a custom fiber glass box.

    Cool brah, so where you live at? Maybe no where near me, forsure.
    So do you want the 2008 Passion coupe Fortwo? that is what I have. next step pay my ticket, then lower the car.
    smartcarballer ·
    Yo dude Was up My names Tommy From The LC! Ha ha League City, TX. Hey dude that is cool that you are also, what 16, and did you get a smart car yet? I'm also 16, and enjoy 41 mpg no a/c windows rolled down and music turned up :)
    I get a lot of comments on the car, and chicks love it too ;)
    BB Benz ·
    You have to show your Mom These cars are huge inside. Get her to get in one. You have to experience that. It feels large like my Sedan Deville, un til you look at what you just got out of. It is Engineered by Mercedes Benz and built like a Brick!
    Good Luck. About the Teasing, It will happen! Enjoy the attention and the fame! Beyond that some people are just small, and mean. So, Bless their Little Hearts! What other people think about you is none of your business!
    Good Luck.
    jefferios ·
    Dude, keep trying to get a smart. I want to see you at the next rally. (Then I don't have to be the only 25 years and under one there and I can actually hang out with someone close to my age [22 years])
    RACNXTG3 ·
    Reading an update on the roadie in beverly hills. seems that theyre desparate to sell the car that theyll take nearly any offer now. And too bad i cant have a permit yet, much less a license yet lol.
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