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  • jandrada ·
    Hi, I live in Panama City and am in the process of buying a Fortwo. I am interested in meeting with other Smart owners in the area. Where do you live? I've emailed Vic about the Emeral Coast Smart Club (per your instructions below) and have not received a reply yet.
    Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

    Juan Andrada
    [email protected]
    DoraAnderson ·
    You're not coming up this year?
    You will be missed, if this is the case. I've enjoyed the time we've spent together, all be it short! Hope to see you again 'round soon!!
    smartt ·
    I am in Tampa and was not sure if you know another smart owner in Tampa who i can contact about a shop besides mercedes to have my engine belts changed? Ac and serpentine enging belt?
    DoraAnderson ·
    I still have these damned divider things that I bought with intent to send you some! I'll bring them to Nationals! I feel like a dumb ass!! Hope to see you in a few weeks!!
    carolthompson323 ·
    Where did I go?????????? WHERE DID I GO????????? I think you missed an email I sent you to your comcast email address a long while back... HOW THE _ _ _ _ ARE YOU????? I thought you just didn't want to email anymore. How are you doing? I actually emailed you to tell you I was sooo jealous you were doing the dragon and wished I could too. It would be so neat to meet you in person. I haven't been on SCOA since the morning of the 2nd, as I took the 3 - 10th off as vacation time. Didn't go anywhere unfortunately. Had a couple of drives planned, but the weather was really overcast and no sun or blue skies, so I just stayed around home. Sort of quiet, but I at least relaxed. Let me know how you are!
    NCC1701 ·
    @ihatebiscuit: My warranty just ran out a couple of months ago. Other than regular scheduled maintenance, I haven't needed any work done yet. I had my scheduled maintenance done at smart Center Buckhead (Atlanta), which is also where I took delivery.

    Now that my warranty has run out, I'm looking around for a good local shop. But, as I said, as of yet I haven't needed any repair work done.

    I'll be attending the 2nd outSmarting the Dragon the 9/16 to 9/19/2010.
    Here's the event's web site ...
    I'll be joining the Florida caravan in Tifton, Georgia.

    Also, the Emeral Coast Smart Club has get togethers now and then.
    For information, Contact Vic at [email protected]

    They're based in the Western Panhandle though.
    ihatebiscuit ·
    i live in panama city beach, just wondering where you go to have work done?
    and if there are any rallies or anything that you go to?
    NCC1701 ·
    July 12, 2010 ... two year anniversary of taking delivery.

    Warranty ran out today, BOTH by odometer and calendar.
    Yes, I hit 24,000 miles on the anniversary date.
    Dunerunner ·
    NCC, If all you've posted to the 'Music Game' thread is from memory....You may look like Dr. McCoy but you have Spocks mind. I had to answer from my Itunes library!!
    theguywiththelongestname ·
    i have been following your comments on the smart, and i hope you are enjoying the ride!
    i recieved the smart in early May, and had 3 issues that first month: shifter, sunshade, and secondary air solenoid. the mercedes people fixed all three, and for June and July the smart has been a blast to drive. anyway, i look forward to your continuing level-headed commentary.
    -dave pike (theguywiththelongestname)
    NCC1701 ·
    RE: Capt. Pike. Spock thought enough of him to risk his career getting him to Talos IV ... so, I reckon Chris was A-OK back in the day (2250's & 60's)
    NCC1701 ·
    Thanks! That is a Reeeaaallly tough question though. Almost like, 'what's your favorite musician?' ...
    Kirk, Picard, Janeway, or Archer? IMHO, Sisko didn't get a fair shake because DS9 was ill conceived, although they did pull off some memorable episodes in spite of it. DS9 was my least favorite incarnation. So, that's how I'll have to answer your question, with a non-answer. Sorry, too hard to chose, LOL.
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