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  • Padawan ·
    Hi Saro. Let me take a look in the garage tomorrow, but I am not 100% sure whether I still have it or not. If so, I will let you know.
    SaroDude ·
    Hi there. Some time back you'd posted that you had a spare button bank availble for the Smart 451. If it's still available, what would you want for it?


    TMACK ·
    Wow. Blizzaks on the Smart. I'd have never thought of that.
    I installed Blizzaks on my Wrangler and was instantly sold. My son now runs them in New Mexico with great success.
    So, may I ask: Why did you do this mod? Is it that necessary for you to travel in snow conditions, or do you value the added security, because you sure got that with Blizzaks.

    malpert ·
    Hi.. we have a Smart Passion. We live in Tarrytown.. Question is about FLAT TIRES. I heard if you use the pump with the tire fill up stuff it ruins the pump. is that true? also do you think it pays to buy spare tires? or keep a can of the fill up stuff and not use the one that comes buried under the passenger seat? marv [email protected]
    jonthedull ·
    I heard about it from Michael on Thursday when I droped my car off for the transmission upgrade. Speaking of which, I'm really happy with the updrade. The creep feature is less annoying and the car seems to shift smoother.
    Padawan ·
    Hi Jon :) That was me with the snow tires. Michael at Englewood was the one who wants to help me arrange this, so I'll let him know that both of you would be interested
    jonthedull ·
    I too would be interested in a smart club, I too am in Bergen County. Were you at the Smart Center Englewood Road Rally? If so, I remember talking to you about your snow tires.
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