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  • twcom ·
    "If you want to cut down on the number of times the front crashes over bumps, you may want to contact me."

    Did you find a decent solution for the suspension harshness?

    RallyRedY2KX ·
    Randy ... I noticed you are from Buffalo but have not been on the forum lately. Are you still around. I had a question I would like to ask about Buffalo Smart Car. I just bought my 2010 pure from them. Dave
    randyzimmer ·
    I'll have to look.
    I don't even have a bar on mine anymore.
    I changed springs and I'm trying to make it smoother over bumps.
    I think the bar adds a lot of klunks.
    I'll let you know if I find them.
    rustech ·
    Randy, thanks for putting those videos together for the rest of us. Came in handy with putting my SM springs in. I'm interested in the sway bar mod now for flatter cornering. Do you still have any of your custom parts available for this job? How much are the parts? Do you have a write up available?

    Corona, California
    Spumonti ·
    Hmmm... Mine must be cemented in there or something. I tried the pry apart method, but it was not having any of it! I will try the hammer method and see if that goes... Thanks...
    randyzimmer ·
    are you certain it isn't loose?
    You need to pry down on the A arm, leave the top nut on (loose) to hold the strut up there.
    If it isn't loose, while keeping some pressure, use a bigger hammer!
    Also, you can use a hammer in between to make sure your hit goes where you want it. ie: hold one hammer on part, hit with 2nd hammer.
    Mine just fall apart with no effort.
    Spumonti ·
    Randy, I tried to put my front springs on yesterday and had to give up at the ball joint. Everything else broke loose with a firm "whack", but that ball joint would not let go from the assembly. Any suggestion?
    churpee ·
    Randy i see on a post you put 175's on the stock front rim i am thinking of doing same -any problems as of yet with this size differential between front and rear rim sizes thanks-btw i put 4 175's snows all arround and that is why i would like to change the front size -i liked the ride better with the larger front
    randyzimmer ·
    Thanks Vince,
    It's nice to have a car I can afford that has enough character to make it fun to screw around on.
    I'm not against selling pieces I come up with but you are right.
    It is way too common to read where someone asks,
    "if I get the car there, will you do it for me?"
    VinceLA ·

    I really like your enthusiasm in DIY-ing your smart. There are very few "built" mods these days. Everyone likes to show off "bought" mods, which really boils down to who spends the most $$$.

    Keep up the good job!
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