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  • rgaus ·
    Don't think I can help you, but is the triangular piece something that a fiberglas repair shop might be able to fix? Might be less expensive that the alternatives. Regarding the blue metallic, that should be a set color that year (if not a custom job) that you might find through your VIN# by calling Mike at smart parts area of Overseas Motors. 866-468-2313. Mike could also quote you on a new fender, but that would be primed, not painted. You would have to have it painted.
    diesel4me ·
    Hi Ron- I have a 2005 450 cdi with a damaged right rear fender. A triangular piece is broken out of it. Do you have or know of a replacement for sale either new or used? The color is a dark blue metallic. I have yet to research how to determine the paint code. Thank you for any help.
    rgaus ·
    Sure, I sold that car at Barrett Jackson. You own one of the only two 2007 Euro version legal smart cars in the US. The car actually was a 2006, but sent to Mexico. Under Mercedes rules with the dealerships in Mexico, they are allowed to advance the year, one model year, on certain late arriving cars into their country. So... though you have a "legal" 2007 smart, you may find that the VIN will tie to 2006 model parts. If you have any other questions, you may call me on my cell phone at 314-583-9935 or email me at [email protected] or you can send me a message on this forum, but that sometimes takes me longer for a response. -Ron
    hdnvn ·
    Ron..I am new to Smart Car ownership, just this past week I bought what is listed as an 07 Passion convertible with a VIN number WMEAK32EX7J295767. Thers a medallion on eachh side of the car stating certain facts about the constction and specifics of the cr. Also a statement of this car being one of two imported in that year. This was purchased new from the Barrett jackson Auction new, it currently has 7000 miles on it. Do you know anything about this? Thanks
    Hippie101 ·
    Hey Ron, I had your phone number but when my old phone crashed I lost it. I need to get the name and number to the guy you had me call in Kansas City. I have a 06 Pulse. My wife tried to make a u-turn like I do but she did it at night and missed judge the turn and hit the curb. Now the car has front end problems. My phone number is ---405-613-3678--- and email is [email protected] I also would like to get your web site address. Take care Bud. Talk to you later...Ralph Douvillier...
    rgaus ·
    Hi Terry,

    Sorry for the confusion. I had the last 25 or 30 cars up here in St. Louis. The owner sold his cars to a guy in Texas and was happy with his financial transaction with the guy. Immediately after the sale happened, the guy who bought them began selling them at a bit over $10,000. Since I knew the original owner of the last 25 or 30 had sold them for more than that, I was confused. I left all the cars posted on my website for two reasons... one, that if they came back and the buyer in Texas was doing something illegal, I would be ready to sell them again for the original owner. Two, if they original owner was okay with the guy selling them for that low price, I wanted to keep the relative great deal substantiated by continuing to show the original asking price just a few months ago. When he sells all the cars he has down there, I will take all these cars off the site. I'd just as soon he hurry and get rid of them so the resale values will return to a higher level. I'm not sure if you bought from the guy in Texas or someone that bought from him. I hope you got the best deal. Anyway, that's why your car (and 25 or 30 others) are still on my website. Some are still being sold I think. If you have any other questions, let me know, and again I apologize for any confusion on this deal.
    teejay43016 ·
    Hi Ron:
    Thanks for the info. Was interested in why my car is being shown as for sale on your "". We bought the car from a small car dealer outside of Dayton. He had 2 he had bought, a silver/silver without medallion, and ours, Black,Silver with #496 medallion. Found the link to our medallion, and saw my car "for sale" on your site.
    We bought it with about 210 miles on it from Main Street Motors, Eaton OH, if that helps. I love the car, considering selling my Subie for another Smart.
    Thanks again,
    Terry Johannsen, Dublin, OH
    rgaus ·
    Hi 85mpg,

    G&K kept accurate records of all the approval dates from the Dept of Transportation. The EPA approval dates always came prior to the DOT's, so when the DOT approvals for each set of cars was completed, those cars were officially legal to sell on those dates. If there were a series of cars approved on a single day, then the lower VIN# would be used as the earlier "release" number within that DOT approval date. The DOT doesn't have official "release dates", but we use their dates to create the equivalent. When I told G&K that I would be manufacturing collectible medallions and engraving the release dates on those medallions, they provided me with that DOT release date list. I am the only one other than G&K to have that information. With those VIN#'s I have also been used as a resource by different states in proving the validity of a legal VIN# for these earlier European smart cars. Hope that answers your question. Your VIN of 262754 is the Release #0040 of the 2006 smarts. Good low number. Keep in mind that we have different release numbers within each of the groups of cars. There is also a 0040 for the 2005 smarts and the 2004 smarts, for example.

    85mpg ·
    If you can still find out the G&K number for 2006 450's out of 1026 can you let me know what my Smart number is. My last 6 VIN # 262754 . Sounds very interesting. I also would like to know how you know the number is really correct or tell me how you found my Smart number. Thanks, and Happy New Year.
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