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    We've lived in Chapala, Jalisco, for a decade and they have been selling smarts here all that time; European version, of course, but no diesel smarts. Once upon a time, we lived in Sherborn and I made the drive into Boston daily. We don't miss it at all and Mexico is now our permanent home, unless we could sell and go back to full time RVing for my 'last years'. As my mobility declines, due to age, I still get the itch to 'hit the road' & would like to explore more of Mexico. We do go to the beach for a week each winter, but I prefer an RV to a hotel & have always preferred mobility.
    Boomer'sRock ·
    Hi, I have been investigating Mexico for several months and recently discovered a couple of forums through "Falling in Love..." book where I first noticed your name. As we are recent RV'ers it caught my attention. I was wicked surprised to see your name again regarding a get-together of smart owners in Mexico (I think thru facebook). Anyhow, I have been a proud owner of a 08 passion that I drive back and forth to work in Boston every day. I wondered if they sold smarts in Mexico (they do) and how well they do on the roads down there. BTW, do they sell the diesels down there? Nancee
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