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  • rawhidekid ·
    Met another person that used that shop on Stone. They were happy and the smart has 50,000 miles of trouble free use. Hope this helped make up your mind about using them.
    siriuslight ·
    I used to live in Bisbee... just moved up here to Tucson... but I am so sad I left... anyway I used to see your little Smart parked with its little trailer... where do I get a trailer like yours?
    Dale Christensen ·
    Just wondering how you like Bisbee? My wife and I have been thinking about moving to Arizona for sometime now, and were not sure where to consider. We really enjoy Tucson, but kind of pricey. Another person told us to look at Douglas. Anyway, sorry to hear about the cold temps, but ours have been in the single digits as well.
    Buter1 ·
    Wix filters are very good equipment. They make many private label brands, NAPA filters being one of the biggest. I have used Wix and Napa for over 30 years with no filter related failures. Take the Wix number to any Napa dealer and they can interchange it for you.
    sheureka ·
    I printed out the pdf file and then scanned it into my computer. The scan saves as a jpg so I just uploaded it like I would any other jpg. Hope that helps!
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