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  • Dan Trimble ·
    Hi Skip, Is it too late to get in on the Watkins Glen thing? The wine tour? Please let me know and if possible how to get in on the fun. Thanks Dan T.
    Miss Mercedes ·
    It appears your inbox is tanked so I'll post here! Hope all is well with you!

    So I recently began toying around with rebuilding and customizing iPhones. The first candidate was my iPhone 5. The original owner of the phone took poor care of it, and it had some heavy scratches on the unibody and a faulty battery. So, I decided to give hardware modding a try. It now has an anodized metallic blue (the same colour and painting process used in current gen iPod touch devices) unibody and a new battery.

    I also picked up a cheap ($20) black iPhone 4 CDMA off eBay (I stupidly sold my original iPhone 4). That phone's owner said the phone hadn't worked in a while, but at $20 I took the chance anyway!

    Turned out the phone had spent some considerable time napping in some salt water. But thankfully all the phone needed to get working 100% again was a new screen, battery, and dock connector (all together, I got those parts for about $50). Apparently it hadn't been on since 2011. It was running the first version of iOS 5 too! So now, that phone has gold mirrored glass and awaits a CDMA dock connector from eBay.

    Anyway, due to some poor judgment on my part, I've accidentally ordered wrong and/or extra parts.

    From restoring the 4, I have a GSM Dock Connector, brand new.
    And from modifying the 5, I have 3 Logic Board Antenna Cables (two are the same), also new.
    I also have my 5's original case, a thin PointMobl snap on case that's a transparent blue. I don't use it anymore as it exposed the unibody to scratches.

    If you need any of these parts (or just want them), I'll be happy to send them!

    P.S. Any updates on the G4?

    P.P.S. And no, I don't modify/customize my Apple computers, iPad 2, or collectibles at all (vintage iPods, etc) as they're fine just the way they are. Maybe add RAM at the most. :D
    shorty42914 ·
    Are you going to be up for a drive soon. None of the smart owners have commented on the facebook page yet. I'd like to go for a ride before then if your available.
    steveg ·
    hey skippy steveg here email me and stop over on beautiful Otisco Lake, (finger lake),
    Geodesic house, and a LUNAR lander in the yard. nearly full sizi ...cant miss it! lol
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