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  • ratchetwrist ·
    Smark: Thanks for the heads up on the cargo compartment rattle. Any more areas you have come across that should be looked at. Maybe we should make a list of areas that are prone to making noise?
    twister2699 ·
    Hey Steve, how are you and Sharon doing...surviving the heat? Look forward to seeing the both of you when the weather breaks....
    BARNEY O ·
    Steve, way too much work. I had actually thought about using a steel 15"x3" trailer rim and knocking out center and welding in new center with smart bolt pattern.This is a possibility but will not be as lightweight as the cast aluminum "Skinny" I came up with.I have determined a price for the "Skinny" and have everything lined up.
    I just need to determine if there is that much interest to pull the trigger.

    smark ·
    Dan, I've done it twice now. Got my clock to rest. Couldn't even let you know how I did. Took for ever. The buttons for the Smart, come from a Play school toy. I use the clock pod on the dash, more now then the speedo clock one.

    I have never ever gotten my maintenance reset button to work. It's been over 5,000 mile now. Steve
    itssowindy ·
    Just notice your old message today concerning the setting of the clock. I installed a DOLE light impulser as a safety item yesterday and I unhooked the battery to avoid computer problems. I could not get my clock to reset after that. Low and behold the "smart" instruction manual is WRONG. My book says to press the left button when in actuality you have to press the right button. It also says to press til the "colon" flashes and that's not true because you press til the NUMBERS flash. I also noticed that there is a delay for anything to happen once you've reached the point where you actually push the buttons to set the time. I don't have to push hard I just have to hold the button for a ridiculously long period of time. The bad thing about all this is the next time you have to set the clock you'll never remember how to do it. the little bugger.

    See you in Weston.

    Dan - Wichita
    smark ·
    • The cord from the mp3 player to the aux plug in the glove box, might be bad. You can buy a new cable, at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc. Less then 10 bucks.

    • If its the factory aux plug inside the glove box connection to the radio, or the radio it's self, you will need to take that to the dealer.

    I pretty sure you have a bad cord from the mp3 player. If your head phones are fine, it's the cord. Try a new one. Let me know.
    konati ·
    thanks for the reply it is a flash works fine with the headphones, same problem with other mp3 player is the cable easy to switch out?
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