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  • kensandyeggo ·
    Hi Ryan,
    I know you don't control the advertising rates, but there is no way a small vendor like myself that has items from $4.50 to to $55.00 can justify the rate of $145 per month with 3 months payable in advance. There should be some lesser rates for smaller vendors that have a few less expensive items to sell. The market shouldn't be limited to items costing 100s of dollars. I have a key-fob, daytime driving lights, a Mercedes conversion kit, an LED conversion kit for the 3rd brake-light, a clown warning decal and an engine size emblem. The small profit on these items just doesn't justify $145 per month when I'm only making a few bucks per item. Don't know if there's anywhere you can bring this up, but it would add products to the site that are less expensive and help out smaller vendors. Thanks.

    ArthurRW ·
    I've got 3 local drivers interested, plus myself, in forming a club. How do we go about it? I have an email list of about a dozen other drivers that we meet with.
    GetSmrt28277 ·
    Question: What would be the best way to let our subscribed vendors know about an event and check to see if any are interested in participating as a sponsor? A little competition may be good. Should we add a thread for "Vendor Sponsor Wanted". Our Out-smart-ing the Dragon event could use some sponsors and with Gary Schembri joining us for dinner, I would hope that would spark some interest. With a national event being planned, I'm sure there will need to be a way to let the vendors know what to do if they want to sponsor the event or attend as a vendor. Any suggestions?
    eddie.vandermark ·
    Hey there, I went ahead and paid for my membership a couple of days ago. Is there anything special I need to do in order post an avatar? Also, may be a silly question, but is there an official SCOA club sticker for members smarts?
    WMEEK_4_2 ·
    Ryan, how can the "Heart of Virginia" Club/Chapter for the Richmond, Virginia area be listed under the Mid-Atlantic Region? The form was filled out and submitted last month. Am I missing anything?
    Big Panda ·
    hey about a 'BRABUS SECTION" under 'smart car model discussion' for all the Brabus postings? when i check 'new postings' i'm constantly reminded that i DIDN'T GET A BRABUS. but besides that, i WOULD keep all those model inquiries and comments together for those who DO have one coming.

    just a thought......

    EinsteinsMommy ·
    Hey Ryan,
    I was wondering how to change a club website, I didn't have one when I got SIN signed up but now I do, it's SIN - smarties of Indiana
    Thanks n advance for any help,
    smartiePrincess ·
    Hey Ryan, I bought my paid subscription to SCOA yesterday. How long does it take until my name will be in blue?
    artificial ·
    The car was an orphan and the dealer changed the leather with the contrasting stitching, charging about $2k. Now that I have finally seen the stock interior in this configuration, I MUCH prefer the all-black. Thanks for you comments.
    astuto ·
    URL's??? I was talking about a new thread I posted. Under mid-atlantic forum I started the thread "Final Hampton Roads Meet RSVP". I had wanted it to be a sticky thread so it would be visiable anytime someone entered the mid-atlantic forum. Now it is pointless as the meet is tonight. So on to my second question, how do I remove this thread from the forum? I don't want this confused with future meets.
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