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    Hello, I just bought an orange (looks more like an red/orange color) 2008 Smart Car. I LOVE IT!! I want to leave a comment on this site but can't find WHERE to leave one. I know you are not in charge of this but hopefully you can direct me as to WHERE. I wish you good luck in selling your car. Thanks for your help. Hugs, Janna Marie Patterson, Chicago, IL. 60707-3421 On N Harlem Ave., across from Elmwood Park but on Chicago side.
    phillysmart ·
    Going to be in Weston. Taking the fun ride up the Merritt.

    Hope the rain is not too bad Sunday or may have to take the big car.

    Great idea to organize the meet! Best pizza is next door at Pepe's.

    msmoto ·
    I guess I will be your friend, so to get started I thought I would show everyone how I brought my second used Smart fortwo home from Raleigh, NC. If I can change my avatar, that will be it. Once things are going, I will keep up on what changes are being made.

    And if anyone has an easy method to lower the seating position about 2", this I would like to hear. NOt only dropping the weight in the car, which would be significant, just like on a bike, but the elimination of the blind spot of the mirror is taken care of.

    I will drop in as time goes on. Especially when I get "Silver" the name I have given her, hooked up behind my bus.

    SDiamond ·
    I got my Smart two weeks ago so I've got some questions about driving long distances. Do any of you on 400 mile round trip jaunts in your Smart Cars?
    I'm under the impression that most people drive locally. Please do share
    padi176715 ·
    FYI. One of the white with red interior is now gone. Two more people looking at the other one. If he was talking about the white with black interior, that is the electric
    parisbynight ·
    bonsoir, thanks for your invitation, i don't know what's the consequences but i ve agree in trust and honor. i do all my possible to be clear but i haven't a high level in us language and it is even more difficult with technical discussions. don't hesitate to made remarks on my incomprehesion !
    salutations from Paris
    John Pritchett ·
    I am a newbie and I have rally enjoyed my smart car. i bought it in April of 2008 and have over 52k on it. It has been in the shop for the last 6 months. I'm not too happy about that. I'm in the Seattle area.
    smartcat ·
    Hello there.
    I am a newbie. Wanted to say hello... Just got my Smart in mid Jan. I am having a blast with it.
    Tinker Bell ·
    smartcar111, Thanks with the info about the tires; we talked with Smart Madness in CA and they told us about putting a set of back tires/wheels on the front. I've drive it more and tend toward the white line along the edge of the highway and/or it does seem to bother me as much now. I am planning on driving it down to Ft. Lauderdale in a couple of weeks and that will determine what we decide to do about the tires. I did order a handle for the back hatch, a rubber mat for the rear, a sunshield and a couple of other small things. Whoever knew the velcro would be used in the interior of a vehicle. My LR had all sorts of places to put things, and with my emergency basket, my swim gear, and my art supplies when I go to class, it's filled. I put velcro on my umbrella so it wouldn't roll around in the back.

    I think my husband might eventually get his own, too. We are in central FLorida. LR held great semi-annual events for off-roading, etc. We may drive over to Kissimmee for the day when the have the annual Smart Car event. Don't know how organized it is/will be.

    Oh, did order two of the books about the development of the Smart and I understand its design and development now.

    We both are in our 70s. If you want to stay in contact about the goings on with Tinker Bell, love to hear your comments.
    Tinker Bell ·
    Good Morning, my husband is making panettone with his bread machine this morning but we are about little vehics, so... I noticed that Tinker Bell tended to pull to the center of the highway when driving on I-95. We talked with Smart Madness and it was suggested that we mount the same size tires on the front as the rear (the ones in the front or not as wide and when on the expressway, they tend to ride in the ruts to the L/R, one feels it in the steering). We asked our dealer about it and he said it would just take getting used to driving it. I think SM has it right. Have you heard anyone else talk about this? We are in our early 70s and Tinker Bell is my new commuter for lap swimming and water color class; we are in Central Florida.
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