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  • Rodney2013 ·
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good outdoor car cover for 2013 smart fortwo coupe, one that actually fits and protects from rain? Got a top-of-the-line cover online but it was too short. I think their smart car covers must be one size fits all, which is not correct. Thanks!
    carolthompson323 ·
    Hi, Boris:

    Don't know if you saw the PM I sent on Fri., Apr. 1, so I'm sending it again.

    Wanted to know if you could give me a quote (total cost incl. labor) to get the SILA exhaust, the silver piece that surrounds the gearshift box (I think Art had ordered it already or was going to), and the plastic long piece that sits just below the front fender and goes the width of the car (don't know if I'm explaining it right).

    Hugs to you and Rach.

    Carol Thompson
    smartali ·
    Thanks SmartMadness for your reply about vertical door kits. The people I got a quote from are supposed to be experts in Smart cars yet they said 8 to 10 hours to fit them properly. Maybe I'll ship my car to the US for a roadtrip and visit you for some modifications on the way :)
    skinkyrose ·
    I need to replace the moulding above the rear window-the piece that goes across the top that is closet to the roof. My car is a 2009 passion, special edition with black body. The part is broken at the side screws and the screw just over the rear wiper. First-what do you call it, second how do i find one and third about how much do they cost?
    xbondpx ·
    any updates on the videos for the BMS motor mount? any news on BMS turbo, or am I mis-understanding all the post thats been going around the Turbo Forum?
    x.Eva ·
    Hi, do y'all still carry the BRABUS-like headlights? I can't seem to find them on your site anymore. Thanks~! :)
    scottiewithasmartie ·
    had a great time today! awesome turn out! i especially had a blast on Los Alamitos Circle!! going around like 10 times and stopping traffic! i loved how people reacted when they saw us going up PCH! and to top it off frisco's car hop was a great way to end the day! thanks

    SmartMadness and for hosting this event!
    ArthurRW ·
    You might have noticed my "undersize load" sicker idea in the "a sticker I gotta have" thread, any idea where I could get one made and approximate cost?
    TMACK ·
    Rachel(sp?), pleasure talking with you today and thanks for your assistance in taking my order. I look forward to doing business with you in the future?
    Tom Mack
    NukleoN ·
    That yellow convertible looks hawt with the top off! The whole effect is like this little Hot Wheel. Love it!
    smartcarballer ·
    SUP SMART MADNESS! Hey Boris, Its Thomas J. White! Did you still want me to Write a review on those carbon fiber look head lights? Summer got so busy I forgot about it! But looks awesome on the car, hit me up if you need some pics feel free to use them on your site or anything else, Business e-mail: [email protected] , I will give you a personal email address later.
    Big Panda · an email from "Beth", the person that got MY part by mistake. She's been trying to contact you. You might give her a call or email....Kevin
    Big Panda ·
    hey Boris and gang....ordered your Red Silicone Air Intake Hose on Friday. hope it got shipped....really looking forward to installing it this weekend...WOO HOO!!!! thanks 'SmartMadness'!!! :)

    P.S. thanks "Okiesmrt" for your name, address and phone number...I can NOW order more stuff and charge it to YOU! ha ha ha j/k
    Okiesmrt ·
    Monday is our busiest day!
    I e-mailed as well:
    i ordered 2 rear wheel/tire combos and cruise.
    Pat Conley
    11501 e. 80th st. n.
    owasso, ok 74055
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