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  • Dennis Harvey ·
    I would very much like to join your wonderful group. I have a 2008 Passion Cabrio that I purchased used from Bob Site used cars in Independence, MO in 2014 for under $5,000 which has been a trouble free and fun car ever since. I am retired now and would like very much to attend rallys, drives, and other club functions. Thank you

    Dennis Harvey
    [email protected]
    fannum ·
    Hey Andy, what do I need to do to be a member of the MOKAN group? Somehow I feel I'm missing some messages, and may be getting confused in the process.

    Cheers, Bob
    Eureka Springs Arkansas ·
    Good morning. I have joined the forum but decided to start our conversation this way...
    My name is Karen Pryor. I am the sales director for the city of Eureka Springs Arkansas. I friend of mine led me to your site after seeing that you all may be considering having a rally here. No pressure but...what can we do to make that happen?
    We would love to have your group visit our town. If you are interested in discussing this more, please call or email me. [email protected] 479-253-7333. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
    smark ·
    Andy check these out. Might be cheaper to buy software, and build our own site. Then we have more control on how to builld it.
    There is another program called iweb, which comes with ilife on a Mac. I have it a work, but not at home. Terry has a Mac. It might be on his machine.

    Shutterbug 2.5.1: cheap

    Adobe Dreamweaver: $$$$$$

    Maybe get a student version to build a web site. Cheaper then retail
    Terry S ·
    Hi Andy,

    Good news! Today I got the domain registered! We own Of course, we don't have a site, but we have a name!

    I registered it with Go Daddy for a year, added "domains by proxy" so no one can see that I own the name, all for a measly $19.18.

    Now what?!

    Trena ·
    Hey, I got my smart! I had told Loeber Motors (Chicago smart ctr) that I was pre-approved for my credit union loan and knew what I wanted, had researched and test-driven, could wire money and pick a car up the following Saturday if my dream car came in. Well imagine that--I moved right up that list of 60 people my salesman had on his orphan list and had my car in less than a week!!! Money talks, eh? ;) It's a ****ty system, but I took advantage of it anyway, for if not me, someone else will.

    Had to get my 2nd color choice, white/black/black. But got comfort package, fog lights, alarm. They of course padded their bill with a Kenwood 5120/nav/BT system for a 'mere' $2800... :( But at least I'll use it. My Louisville smart center wanted to put $4-5k worth of pinstriping, painted wheels, chrome, etc on their orphans and I would hate that. And the Kenwood sys uses Garmin nav, so that's great. So of course, I have now bought the xm and rear view camera accessories to plug into the Kenwood system...couldn't resist. Spending $ like it's going out of style, between that and the floor mats (Lloyd's rubber), cargo organizer (Rola), and tinting job scheduled for w/e after next (20% on all windows plus windshield strip is planned, like I had my Prius--yeah, it's illegal on side windows but I've been pulled over several times in Prius with no mention of the tint (speeding on the other hand....). Saving where I can, but hard to do with a new toy that just eats money! LOL

    So far my mileage was only 36. Hopefully, that will improve. I love to manually shift when not drinking something, but the paddle shifters are a waste for me--I like the stick, guess old habits die hard. Driving it back from Chicago wasn't too bad without c/c, but I wouldn't want to do it often! Today, it was breezy and I got whipped around on the interstate--that was different! But I can live with it--the car is too fun and cute to argue with. :)

    Anyway, just had to report the happy news!
    Trena ·
    oh yeah, just went and viewed my comment for i remember! triple black, like yours, is my favorite. i have a black prius with dark tinted windows (the only thing yours is missing, from the outside!) and love the color, tho of course it is hard to keep clean-looking. but, oh, when it is cleaned and freshly 'waxed'....!! hey, meant to ask you but don't want to sound like a stalker...will ask anyway: is that union station in st louis, as in the mall? have a nice weekend!
    Trena ·
    you will have to refresh my memory of what i posted in the comment! ;) but...i reallly want triple black or white/black/black. no matter what, i don't want silver tridion or silver paint. i thought i wanted red, but finally got to test drive today and red in sunlight in person looks orange. so still undecided if i would take a red. also thought i hated yellow, til saw one today and in person has a bit of flourescent (think highlighter pen) quality and i thought that was kind of neat, but.... still don't really want to drive a bumblebee. at the same time, i want to get my cabrio before it's too cold to enjoy the top down this year! (originally thought passion, but when found out the top doesn't open and it really heats up the car, i'd really just rather shell out the extra for the cabrio, and the test drive with top down didn't disappoint!). how does one decide and still not have to wait a year or more and still get something they don't regret? life's tough, right? LOL
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