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  • yamato123 ·
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    torrnado ·
    i came across your profile and thought i'd drop you a quick note. i, too, have a brabus in black. stating the obvious: i LOVE this car.

    have you left your stock head unit intact? i'm considering an upgrade to include speakers, subwoofer and head unit that has bluetooth and navigation.

    thanks alot,
    torr melling
    san francisco (18th and douglass)
    Slash Smart ·
    Hello...I am thinking of installing the brabus speedo face plate. I found directions online. Seems simple enough. Have you had any problems with yours?. Also, where do your blinker signals appear. I don't see arrows on the brabus version. Thanks for the help.
    ccdsmart ·
    how is the car since you had the Coil overs installed? Have not seen any pictures yet. Would love to see it.
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