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  • Bill Grossberndt ·
    How can I view your pics re interior door card removal/replacement? I've just finished my seats and am in the process of psyching myself up for leather door panel work.
    livestrike ·
    I really like what you did with the white LED's in the dash... can you point me in the right direction for ordering/doing it myself?

    ATL Smart alec ·
    Can I ask what brand of wheel spacers did you use on your car, Front and Rear ? Do they have a lip that helps support the wheel ? I appreciate the info !
    Thank You !
    ATL Smart alec ·
    Can I ask what tire pressures you have found works front and rear with the larger tires. Do you feel that the car should have a wheel alignment after installing the larger ft tire/wheels ? I will possibly use the wedges and 20mm spacers like you recommend.
    ATL Smart alec ·
    Hi there,
    I really like the look of your car ! I am going to add Brabus Rears to the front of mine also. I also want to run 215/40/17 all around to protect my wheels and give a little softer ride. (There are a lot of potholes in Atlanta) I see that you needed 5mm spacers in the front.
    Did you use the stock lug bolts or did you need longer ones ?
    Is a new wheel alignment needed ?
    Also, were the 30mm spacers needed for clearance in the rear, or just for looks ? What is your thoughts on wedges on the rear ? I appreciate any advise you can give me.
    Thanks !
    Sammy26.2 ·
    You've done some awesome mods to your Smart! I'm not as brave, but am thinking about a new stereo. I've read some of your posts concerning the F series. Are you happy with your 900bt after the software upgrade? Would you mind telling me what's great about it and what isn't? I'm thinking about the 700bt because I don't need the dvd player since it can play video off my ipod. Also, which kit did you go with for the fit? it looks nice.
    Thanks in advance.
    VinceLA ·'s an album by Joy Division. Designed by Peter Saville.

    The "waves" actually presents successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered in 1967.
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