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  • Maksym Branets ·

    Could you please share ambient light installation instruction (you can send it to [email protected])?
    I have smart 451 with light/rain sensor, ambient light harness exist, ambient light activated, but not working.

    Thanks in advance!

    br, Max!
    dscheid ·
    Did you have a 2008? I just bought one with "Smart Ass" on the front tag. Im in Bradenton, FL. Some of the pictures look like the mods done to mine, minus the turbo.
    Darkangel ·
    hi john, give me a call when you can. i need to talk to you. thank. ps. i went to the tour is was great. hope to see you in the anniversary.
    The Rigger ·
    Hey John, any news on my CF button bar? If you already sent it, do you have a tracking #? My housekeeper hasn't seen any hint of it. And how much do I owe you for it? Thanks, -Dave
    Petman ·
    Hey John, I believe you must be the Advisor that worked with me and Lorrie the day I bought my smart in August. I remember your yellow smart parked out front. I remember you saying you had a Mercedes emblem(s) on the car. If you have a chance could you tell me how you mounted it to keep a symetrical look with the smart badge? I assume I could order the Mercedes badge through Barbara or Steve. BTW, Archie told me Rob "wasn't here anymore". Was he refering to just Saturday or something else? Thanks in advance. Dennis Fenton
    The Rigger ·
    Hey John,

    I sent a pair of Polk speaker grilles to you before heading over here to Japan last month; I just wanted to see if you were able to get them done up in the carbon-fiber finish treatment, and if so hwo much I'd owe you for the job and return shipping to my home in Michigan.

    francoxie ·
    Could you send me Brabus ambient lighting and Brabus light package for side skirt's instructions with pictures like an pdf file, please?:D
    no company can help me to install those parts in china, so i only can do it all by myself.
    I read the instructions you give me in the thread, but I have difficult in following all the steps by the words.:confused:
    My Email: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Best regards,
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