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  • twister2699 ·
    I have not talked to Andy or Steve about this. I just happened to be at this tuner shop, which is not to far from the smart dealer, to see a friends car on the dyno, I asked the shop owner about putting some smart cars on the dyno and he said he would be interested in talking with me more about it. I thought I would throw this out to you and see if you think it is worth pursuing. I think ideally we would need to have several cars to make it worth the shop owners time but I don't know that for a fact, he was busy and I had to leave. The drag strip is something we could put out there since it is after any scheduled events on Friday, like I said its only $20 bucks for as many passes as you can get in and you get your time slips. How much interest do you think is out there? Do you want to contact Andy or Steve, let me know, I will help any way I can....there are a couple more tuner shops close by that I can check on if this one does not work out...let me know what you think..John
    BARNEY O ·
    I for one think it would be fantastic! I guess the big question is how to go about it?
    Does Mo-Kan throw this out there or do want me to go public with it?
    The bigger question would be how many players would we have?
    Paul B.
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